Top Six Guide Trips Summer 2017

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A person came in to the shop a few days ago looked all around and sincerely asked if “all of this is kind of a waste of money”, and my employee Ron said “it depends on how you look at it — all of this is an investment in happiness”.

I agree.

At the Fly Fisher’s Place we don’t just sell flies. We don’t just take people to catch fish. We are Fun Brokers. We believe the return on your investment in fishing should be a dividend of even more fishing, and having an especially good time doing it.

Everything we sell, every trip we do and every class we teach is meant to be fun. For you and for us.

So, this post is dedicated to fun, and dedicated to your own success as an angler.

Go get ‘em!

Guide Trip preview for summer 2017:

Summer is always our busiest time for running guide trips. With tourist coming to visit, and our many repeat customers (and friends) coming back to the Sisters area each year, the Fly Fisher’s Place has been here for 31 seasons with the best staff of guides and a vast array of waters to choose from for your most fun trip yet.

Here are the top six summer trips to look forward to on your next visit to Sisters:

The Lower Deschutes

Float Trip from Warm Springs to Trout Creek is always a favorite for anyone coming to Central Oregon. In fact it’s our most popular guide trip. After the salmonfly hatch ends in early June, the Caddis and Yellow Mayflies (both PMD and PED species) take over for the rest of the summer and I believe these 3 major hatches give us more consistent fishing opportunities and more fun for the buck throughout Summer.

—$550 for one or two anglers.
Be sure to ask about the Magic Hour opportunity when you call or contact us to book a trip.

The Crooked River

Our second most popular trip. With high fish populations the catching is always pretty good here. Lately we’ve been doing more “tightline” or Euro style nymph fishing than ever, and the results are really positive. Of course there are good dry fly opportunities here too, especially when the shade hits the water each afternoon.
—$425 for one or two anglers. $450 for three.

East Lake

Our most consistent lake each summer by a long shot. A typical day can bring dry fly action at the surface using small terrestrials and callibaetis mayflies. When the fish are not looking up we’ll find them on nymphs either stripping, wind drifting or anchored under an indicator.
—$500 for one or two anglers.

The McKenzie

Has been great this season and our guides have been catching bigger rainbows on both dries and nymphs. The McKenzie is our only float we can offer our clients the ability to fish from the boat, as the regulations on the Lower Deschutes float trips don’t allow fishing from the boat. This makes the McKenzie a great option for our guests also concerned about their own steadiness when wading bigger rivers. Fishing from the boat is really nice!
—$550 for one or two anglers.

The North Santiam

A short drive from the fly shop here in Sisters, and is really a great fly fishing stream. This river is cold, clean and full of trout (and feisty mountain whitefish) and it is one of our guides favorite places to go in July and August.
—$425 for one or two anglers. $450 for three.
—$375 for a half day option for one or two.

Cascade Lakes / 3 Creeks and Clear Lake

These lakes offer our guests a really good option for a quick and simple fishing trip. We realize a lot of vacations are jam-packed with more adventures and activities than just going fishing so a half day trip to the local lakes works for many families coming to visit.

With these trips we spend about four hours on the water. We can do an afternoon or evening session or go out in the morning for the early bite!
—$375 for one or two anglers for a half day.

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