Fly Fishing 201

Fly Fishing 201 – Essentials to becoming an independent angler

For anglers who have fished a few times – but know there is still more to learn.

This full day class is designed for anglers who have the general knowledge of fly fishing. You can tie on their own flies, know how to distinguish the major aquatic insect families, and have a general understanding of where to fish. However, you want to know more!

Timing: TBD, 2018

Private dates can be arranged for 2 to 4 anglers

Costs: $100/angler

Class Size: 2 to 4 anglers

Topics will be similar to Fly Fishing 101 but in greater depth.  Topics will be customized to your skill set. You’ll learn more about the following:

Matching the Hatch

  • Key bugs within the major aquatic insect families
  • Important Hatches: i.e.  BWO, PMD,  Stone Flies,  Mother Day Caddis
  • What is in your fly box! Bring your fly boxes – we’ll get you started identifying what flies you have

Knots & Rigging for Multiple Flies

  • Loop to Loop – Connecting Fly line to Leader
  • Alternative knots: i.e. Uni-Knot, Blood Knot, Davy Knot
  • Rigging multiple flies
  • Variations on indicator set-ups & split shot

Reading the Water

  • What are the major types of water
  • And how to approach each type

Line Management – (This includes discussion and video)

  • What to do once your line hits the water for dry flies and nymphs.
  • Approaching the water in different scenarios

Intermediate Casting – topics dependent on skills/interest

  • Fine-tuning your basic cast
  • Gaining distance & accuracy
  • Controlling whether your fly or line lands first
  • Maximizing drag free drifts

To register  – Email Mary Ann Dozer at