Fly Fishing 301

Fly Fishing 301 – The Full Immersion

The quickest pathway to becoming an independent angler

If you are really serious about fly fishing and are willing to invest time my Fly Fishing 301 is for you. This is the path to making you an independent angler.  The integration of a full day in the classroom(either 101 or 201)  and our First Cast, a full day on the water putting those skills to work, will have you catching fish sooner.

In the class room I cover all the skills you need to get on the water. The topics will be a mixture of Fly Fishing 101 or 102 topics, customized to meet your skill level. During your guided day we will head to the Crooked River to apply those skills you learned. You will get real-time coaching as you rig-up for the day, as you fish, and as you wrap-up your day.

Timing: Contact Mary Ann to schedule your private dates.

Costs: $625 for one or two anglers – All 301 Students get a 20% Discount from the Fly Fishers Place for 30 days.

Day 1 Topics – Will be customized to fit your skill levels

  • Equipment
  • Matching the Hatch – Aquatic Insects & Life Cycles
  • Knots  – Improved Clinch, Surgeons, Loop to Loop, Uni-Knot
  • Rigging – How to rig your line and leader for various fly presentations.
  • Reading the Water – Where are the fish
  • Line Management – What to do once your fly hits the water.
  • Casting – Core Casts – Pick Up & Lay Down and Casting different distances

Day 2 Topics – On the Crooked River

  • Approaching the Water – What angle to position yourself based on the water
  • Dry Fly Presentation– Line Management to get a natural drift
  • Nymph Presentation – Indicator rigging and Line Management to get a natural drift

To register – Email Mary Ann Dozer at