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Euro Nymph Guided Class

In the world of fishing, there is always confusion in the beginning and interpretation to apply to the way you think it will work best on your own waters. To get you through the process of learning Jeff Perin, the owner of the Fly Fisher’s Place offers an all-day European Nymphing class at the Crooked River to get you up to speed on these techniques.

For $400, 1 or 2 people can join Jeff on the water learning to use Czech style sighters and French style slinky’s. You’ll learn rigging techniques, discuss equipment and how to prepare for any situation plus get the opportunity to use equipment to see how you like it before you are ready to buy your own.

Lunch is provided. All you need is a fishing license and to buy the recommended fly selection for the day.

Additional Resources

The book Dynamic Nymphing* by George Daniel is incredible for those interested in all of the Euro Nymph techniques, flies, equipment, presentation and much, much more.

DVD’s by Aaron Jasper* and Steve Parrot* will show you “how to” on these techniques and be a great primer before you begin or a great reminder of techniques to come back to once you’ve begun.

The main reason to try European Nymphing is because it is fun, it will make you a better fly fisher and you might even catch more fish than your fishing buddy. Let the Fly Fisher’s Place help you get started or get better at this.

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