The Fly Fisher’s Place, Inc. SARS Covid-19 Risk Management Plan

As we are in the midst of the SARS Covid-19 Virus, the Fly Fisher’s Place has set up new protocols to do our best to protect our customers and the entire FFP team from illness. This is done in the most serious effort so we can keep fishing and keep having fun in the pursuit of fish.

We want to ensure a lower-risk environment as we run our guided trips and clinics during this time. Equally important are the interactions the FFP staff have with our customers in the retail store. Maintaining a safe, clean and healthy environment is our utmost goal in the store and on the water. 

Every day we must discover if any guide, any FFP shop staff, or any clients have symptoms of SARS Covid 19? (Fever, Shortness of Breath or Cough not attributed to other health conditions). Have they been in any high risk encounters with the general public for longer than 30 minutes while not wearing a face covering and not washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using an alcohol based hand sanitizer after contact with commonly touched surfaces?

Customers with pre-existing conditions including heart, lung or kidney disease are at higher risk and may want to reconsider this activity for the time being until SARS Covid-19 infections have gone away or there is a vaccine or suitable treatment options by medical professionals. 

  1. Have you recently experienced any of the following symptoms? 
    1. A fever (100.4°F or higher), or a sense of having a fever? 
    2. A new cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition? 
    3. Any shortness of breath that you cannot attribute to another health condition? 
    4. A new sore throat that you cannot attribute to another health condition? 
  2. Have you knowingly come into contact with a person or persons diagnosed or under treatment for suspected COVID-19? 
  3. Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19? 
  4. Have you been tested for COVID-19? 
  5. Temperature check 

FFP has implemented a special Covid-19 liability release form to be signed by all clients and guides at the start of the trip. We will begin by taking the clients temperature using a no-touch thermometer (as well as doing the same for the guide) and confirming they have no symptoms or have not been exposed in any higher risk environments within the last 14 days. This will all be recorded for each trip and kept as a record for the entire season. 

FFP will require all of our guides, and every guide trip customer or student to wear a face mask that covers their mouth and nose. We also recommend wearing gloves, at least during times of close contact or sharing gear.
Covering up our faces and hands will do a lot to minimize airborne contact and skin to skin contact.

Clients will be required to bring and use their own PPE.  PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR FACE MASK. 

Guides will keep a good supply of hand sanitizer with them for all guided trips. 

We also ask that clients bring hand sanitizer with them too. 

Shop staff will use hand sanitizer or wash hands with soap and water between each customer. 

Be aware of co-mingling of the air around us. Staying 6 feet apart is the golden rule. We must maintain face covering protocols for our guides, staff and customers and to make sure sneezes or coughs are done into a handkerchief or into your arm to avoid spreading germs. 

On a guide trip, staying 6 feet away from each other is not always possible, so it is mandatory everyone wears a mask when on a trip together. Especially in a boat where distancing is less of a possibility. 

We currently require that our clients and students drive their own vehicles to the water. If shuttles are required, shuttles for client vehicles will be arranged along with guide vehicles. Your FFP guide will arrange shuttle service for you. 

The shuttle fees are to be covered by the customer in addition the cost of the guided trip. Plan on leaving cash or check in the vehicle under the mat for the shuttle driver. Shuttles are $45 on the Deschutes and $20 on the McKenzie. 

Shuttle drivers are taking extra precautions to keep cars disinfected, However, it is highly recommended that each vehicle is additionally wiped down at the time of re-entry. Bring disinfecting wipes for that process. 

Disinfecting wipes can be difficult to obtain, so we also use a washcloth in a mason jar (with lid) using a CDC advised mixture of 4 teaspoons of bleach to 1 quart of water. For bigger applications 1/3 cup of bleach to a gallon of water. Made daily. 

Boats will be wiped down with a CDC advised Bleach/Water Solution each morning before the guide trip begins. All surfaces including seats, gunwales and decks will be sprayed and wiped down as required. 

Guides will have Clorox Wipes or Homemade alternatives in their vehicles and boats to wipe down rods, reels, nets, fly boxes, forceps, pliers, clippers and any and all tackle we make contact with. In addition to this they will have wipes to sanitize steering wheels, gear shifters, door handles, seat belts, heat/AC knobs, fan controls, radio controls and buttons and any other surface in the car that is touchable by them, shuttle staff or clients. 

Coolers will be cleaned with a soap and water solution each morning before food is loaded. If you are joining us on a trip or clinic we ask you to bring your own water bottle or cup. 

Each FFP guide will have plenty of cold water to dispense out of a sanitary water jugs or coolers. FFP guides will have disposable paper cups for use this season. We will not be using reusable cups or utensils for day trips. 

We are happy to offer Walk & Wade trips instead of Float Trips for more distancing potential between you and the guide. Please arrange with the shop before the trip date to make sure you are getting the trip that makes you feel the safest. 

Guides will do all rigging of tackle. No exceptions. Flies that are tied on, leaders that are repaired, tippet that is added and strike indicators placed on, or taken off the line will be touched only by the guide. 

We will use Oliver Lemons Deli (formerly Melvin’s) for guide our day trip meals as we feel they are a safe option with responsible food handling practices. If you prefer to bring your own food, we will deduct $9 for each meal cancelled for your trip. If you are bringing your own food, please use your own food storage and cooler. 

Before we touch your rod or tackle, we will use hand sanitizer. After we are done using your rod for a demonstration or rigging, we will reapply hand sanitizer and the client will also apply hand sanitizer. 

We understand many of our guide trip customers and clinic participants will use our rental waders and boots. Each morning before guide trips go out, waders will be hung out in the sun and washed down or sprayed with a misting of Lysol on straps, buckles, pockets and gravel guards. Boots will be washed with a spray of Lysol between each customer. 

If one of our clients shows symptoms of SARS Covid-19 while on a trip with us, we will consider the safest policy for the situation and recommend ending the trip immediately. Since we are driving separate vehicles, if the client is with a partner, we will make sure the partner is safe to drive the infected client to safety. If the client is alone, we will do our best to contact a family member of the infected party to come drive the person to safety and medical care.

We will make sure to keep PPE on, wear masks and gloves and have the infected person do the same. 

If we have a guide or any staff member that has positively been in contact with a sick person infected with and confirmed to be ill with SARS Covid-19, that guide or shop employee must go in to self quarantine for 14 days from the date of contact and stop working. 

FFP will communicate honestly about all of our procedures. We want to make sure we are doing our best to keep us all healthy. Good judgement is critical from all sides: FFP staff and guides, and our tremendously important customers share this responsibility to our health.

Handshakes, Fist Bumps, High Fives, and Hugs are sadly not allowed this 2021 season. 

  • Failure to agree to these requirements is grounds to refuse participation in the activity. 

We care about you!

Be well, Jeff and the entire FFP team (Brad, Steve, Troy, Mary Ann, Ben, Adam, Shad, Doug, John, Eric, Gavin and Gavin Jr.)