Casting Lessons

Casting Lessons

The Fly Fisher’s Place offers private casting lessons for beginner and intermediate and advanced casters including Spey Casters.

We’ll cover the basics starting with the relationship between the plane of the rod and the line, the importance of the casting arc, and timing. We’ll also cover hand and arm positions to keep you casting well and pain free.

For Intermediate and Advanced casters we offer a class that covers the Snap-T, Belgium Loop, Reach Mending, Wiggle and Parachute Casts. This class will advance you to new levels that will truly make a difference in your catch rate. Double Hauling lessons are also available.

We also offer private instruction for Spey Casting. This class covers the Snap-T, Double Spey, Perry Poke, Anchor Points and casting from either shoulder.
The Fly Fisher’s Place includes equipment for all of our students as part of the class.

Private Casting Lesson, 1 1/2 hours: one or two person $150, $50/ea additional.

Please call (541)549-3474 or stop in the shop to make reservations.