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Fly Fishing Private Oregon Lakes

Fishing a low pressure water is a special experience, and Fly Fisher’s Place is fortunate enough to have three unique private lakes nearby.

Long Hollow Ranch

Long Hollow Ranch is a unique place with great mountain views.  Good fishing starts here in April and is great for the callibaetis and damsel hatch through early summer. Then again in the fall the fishing gets hot again as the fish go on a frenzy to fatten up before winter. There are 3 lakes on the property and we allow a limited number of anglers per week to fish here so the fishing is always fresh.

If you’re looking for a little something different they offer bass fishing, which can be very exciting during the hot summer months. Long Hollow is also includes a Bed and Breakfast. This is a spot you’ll remember and want to return to year after year.  $150/person with lunch. $85 for 1/2 day.

Lake in The Dunes

In 2016, we are very happy to again be offering the Lake in the Dunes as one of our premier private lake offerings.


The Lake in the Dunes offers great fishing access to 5 artesian well fed lakes. At the Lake in the Dunes you’ll find clear, cold water more reminiscent of your favorite spring creek fishing as opposed to the old pond water found in many of the other private lakes! The great water quality coupled with the alkaline soil found in the region makes great habitat for the large and abundant rainbow trout.

Prime fishing season begins in early March and goes well into June. It starts again in the fall with September and October offering good fishing and bird hunting opportunities too.Depending on the season you can expect prolific callibaetis and damsel hatches! Midges/Chironomids, Water Boatman, Scuds and Caddis will round out your fly selection on the lakes.

Most anglers visiting the Lake in the Dunes will wade and stalk the banks, casting to cruising trout from shore. 2 of the 5 lakes are also excellent for float tube angling.

The Lake in the Dunes has on site lodging, with a rustic, but nice cabin right by the lakes along with a Tipi that sleeps an extra 2 anglers. The cabin offers a full bathroom, kitchen facilities and includes bedding and a housekeeper to clean up at the end of your stay!

There are 2 booking options for the Lake in the Dunes:

Our most popular option is taking the property for a full 3 day weekend (Friday thru Sunday) with 3 days of fishing and 2 nights lodging for $2000 for up to 5 people. That is just $400 per person for 3 days fishing and 2 nights lodging per person (with 5 joining).

We also offer booking by the day Monday through Thursday for $700 for 1 to 5 people for fishing access only. Arrive anytime after 7 am and fish up to dark.

There are cabin options available for I night if you need it. Just ask and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. If you do back to back fishing days the cabin is included.

The guide staff from the Fly Fisher’s Place would be happy to offer you our guide service for an extra $250 per day if needed. It can be a good investment for new anglers and those looking to up their skills on lakes.

The Lake in the Dunes is approximately 70 miles South East of LaPine and is about a 2 hour and 15 minute drive from Sisters.

Besides fishing, the Lake in the Dunes offers a sporting clays course and guided bird hunting. Ask for more details on these offerings.

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      Longhollow is just 25 minutes from Sisters and is fishing good right now. Should be great all month. There are numerous places to stay in Sisters, Bend or Redmond in all price ranges, and Longhollow is a Dude Ranch so they have accommodations there too.
      If you’d like to book some fishing please call the shop at (541)549-3474
      Thank you,

  1. I haven’t flyfished for a few years and an easy access private lake seems like it would be a good refresher. When would the summer weather cool enough for good trout fishing the Alder Creek lake?

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