First Cast

First Cast – Our all day stream class is a full day of learning while on the water. Perfect for 1st time beginners or those with just the basics that want to learn more. We cover casting and presentation, mending, knot tying, reading the water, equipment and tackle, basic entomology and fly selection and a whole lot more!

This is a very popular class and is taught by the expert guides here at the Fly Fisher’s Place. All of these classes are private so you will not be forced into a group with a bunch of people you don’t know, and best of all you’ll get all the attention from the guide for an optimal learning experience.

Besides our basic stream class we also provide two classes for more advanced anglers looking to increase their skills.

First Cast Class: 1 or 2 person $425. Includes all gear needed ( Rods, Reels, Flies, Waders, Boots), licences are not included.