Metolius River

The Metolius River is truly one of the prettiest rivers in the nation. With crystal clear, and always cold water (42 to 45 degrees is average) originating from a large spring at the base of Black Butte, the Metolius is Heaven on Earth for both fishermen and fish.

The Fly Fishing only section from the headwaters down to Bridge 99 is about 12 miles of great water. It can be broken down into 2 distinct sections; the upper river and middle river. The “lower” river begins at bridge 99 and is no longer regulated for Fly Fishing only. This section is still an excellent place to fly fish and offers a few miles of productive fishing before turning very rough as it tumbles to the lake below.

Rainbow and Brown trout, in excess of 24 inches, and Bull Trout that go 3 to 15 pounds will surely tempt the average angler to spend some time here. But, be forewarned, the clear water and precise insect hatches will test the skills of even the most accomplished Fly Fisher.

Hatches on the river are diverse and prolific. Throughout the season we fish Blue Wing Olive’s, cinygmula ( a yellow mayfly size 14-16 ), PMD’s, serratella, Green Drakes, Mahogany Duns, Yellow Sally, Golden Stone, Willow Fly, Salmon Fly, lot’s of different species of Caddis!, Spruce Moths, Hopper’s, Ants and beetles and even a few attractors.

The shop sells a great selection of flies for fishing on the Metolius. We also will be happy to share other secrets in leader set up, floatant recommendations and tippet sizes for your best success. We have an excellent Metolius Map that can be highlighted with the hot spots. It is $9.95 and worth every penny as you learn the best spots on the river.

There is no commercial guiding on the Metolius River, but as one of our home waters we know it really well and can help you as much as possible right from the shop. If we haven’t fished it in the last 24 hours, we probably know someone who has. Stop in for some up-to-the minute information, and current fly recommendations.

Here’s an article Jeff put together published by Fly Fisherman Magazine in the Summer of 2012:

Metolius River Gauge at Alllingham

Thanks to Doug Pendleton for all the hard work compiling this info to one great chart.