Lower Deschutes fishing report 8/10/18

Our section from Warm Springs to Trout Creek has been great for the guides here. We are seeing really good caddis action both on dries and pupa. Also some PMD’s & PED’s.
Water temps coming out of the dam are about 57 degrees. That temp holds well for several miles and is great for the trout in the upper stretch.

Steelhead counts coming through the dams on the Columbia are good. We expect a very good fall season of steelheading on the D!
With the Lower River suffering a lot of range fire damage and water temps hitting 70 down a the mouth we are not excited about that fishery at this time.

Lower Deschutes report 7/27/18

Our guides are having awesome days on the Warm Springs to Trout Creek section on Caddis and PMD’s.
Also great nymphing action using both traditional indicator techniques and Euro techniques.
Caddis Pupa, PT’s, Copper Johns, Micro Mayflies, Perdigons, Jigs, Zebra Midges and Psycho Princes are great.

Water temps are 58 coming out of Pelton. Thats so good for the fish. We are lucky up here. Should drop a bit more in August too as bottom release time is coming up.

Now is a great time to book an August trip with Steve, Troy, Ben, Mary Ann and Adam. They will get you dialed.
BTW, someone caught a steelhead (27″ wild hen) at Grassy Camp this week. Hopefully more to come on the summer run. It’s looking good for this season.

Lower Deschutes fishing report 7/20/18

Holy Caddis! What a week on the caddis, and nice to see plenty of Pale Morning Duns and Evening Duns throughout the day too. Of course the Purple Haze is terrific, especially in the evening.

Caddis Pupa and Yellow Spot Euro Jigs have been hot for us, along with PT’s, Lightning Bugs, Perdigons, Fat Ass Caddis, Copper Johns (red especially) and Psycho Prince’s.

No problem with fire at this time in the upper stretches of the WS to Maupin area. Bad fires going on from Mack’s to the Mouth so avoid that lower 25 mile stretch until later.

Lower Deschutes Fishing Report 6/29/18

Caddis have come on stronger this week along with PMD and Pale Evening Duns. Add a Purple Haze to the the dry fly mix and you’ll be set!
Sparkle Pupa, Soft Hackles, Zebra Midges, PT’s, Anato May, Frenchie, Psycho Prince, Copper John, D/C Lighting Bug (red) and Euro Jigs have been great for us. It’s also time to start fishing girdle bugs again as there are numerous stonefly nymphs in the drift.

Lower Deschutes River fishing report 6/20/18

Our guides have been smacking the fish on the Lower River on all the good summer time hatches we’d expect to see this time of year.

PMD’s, Pale Evening Duns, Caddis, Hot Garcia (purple) and Purple Haze.
Caddis Pupa’s have been incredible for us, along with PT’s, Copper John, Batman, 3 Dollar Dip, Frenchies and Micro Mayfly (Brown).

Some incredible redsides this season!

Lower Deschutes fishing report 6/4/18

Some straggler stoneflies still out, and the next few warm evenings should bring some good feeding at dusk on big bugs in the WS to TC area. It’s about done though for the big salmonflies, but the goldenstones are going to last just a little longer this week.
PMD’s, PED’s and Caddis are going to be the high rollers for the next couple of months and we love that summer time fishing these hatches bring.
All of our guides (Steve, Troy, Ben, Mary Ann, Travis and Adam) have told me they are smacking them on Euro Jigs and Caddis Pupa.

Stonefly Update 5/28/18

The weather over the Memorial Day weekend was pretty good, especially Sunday and Monday it warmed and made for happy stoneflies.
I expect to see both Salmonflies and Golden Stones for at least a week based on the numbers still flying around and in the bushes.

On Saturday Ben whacked them on caddis and small mayfly nymphs throughout the day. Since it was cold and windy the big bugs weren’t flying much but the trout wanted to eat that’s for sure.

This week is supposed to get cooler on Wednesday and Thursday, so hard to say how the dry fly fishing will compare, but I’m confident the fishing will stay hot.


Lower Deschutes Fishing Report 5/22/18

Salmonflies and Goldenstones are in peak activity and should be great to good for at least another 10-12 days.
There are some Yellow Sally’s mixed in with the big bugs too, and one thing we’ve found is the fish that have seen a lot of big flies float over their head often will come up confidently and sip the Sally right off the top!

PMD, PED, Caddis are all important now too. And never forget the Purple Haze on the Lower D!

Lower Deschutes fishing report 5/11/18

Salmonflies are working their way up the river and are hatching strong in the Maupin area. We are seeing a few bugs in the Warm Springs to Trout Creek drift where we do our day trips but very few so far. It’ll be mid next week probably before they are really up in that stretch.

Our guides continue to work the nymphs, including Pat’s Rubber Legs and Cheeseburgers. Our guide Adam Ross has been rocking it with Black Zebra Midges and Frenchie’s.

It’s been a bit cold and windy most of the week, so we didn’t see much in the way of any hatch. This time of year we ought to run into the last of the March Browns, the first PMD’s, some BWO’s and an array of caddis hatches. It just didn’t happen where we were, but maybe next week’s warmer weather will spur all of that to happen and go epic.