Metolius fishing report 11/2/17

anglers, don’t forget the seasonal closure took effect on 10-31-17 so as of yesterday the river is closed a short distance from the Headwaters down through Camp Sherman to the Allingham Bridge. This is closed to protect spawning fish and has been a big help in creating the wild trout fishery the river has become since they stopped stocking in 1995.

From Allingham to Gorge the nymph action is good with BWO’s coming off about 2 PM right now.
In the late afternoon October Caddis are hatching, and while we prefer the pupa pattern every once in a while the fish will smack a big dry.

The Gorge to Candle Creek (below 99) is good and offers the best Bull Trout opportunity and good dry fly action mid day on BWO, Cinygmula, a few straggler PMD’s and Mahogany Duns. I expect after this cold front that is hitting us that cinygmula’s will be around for another week or so, and then just BWO’s for the rest of the winter mixed with Oct Caddis, Snow Sedge and Silver Stripe Sedge until March. Oh, and Midges although I rarely take fish on the surface with Midge patterns on the Metolius the Zebra Midge is a total go to pattern.

As we move into deep fall and winter fishing stonefly nymphs and eggs become staples along with caddis pupa and small mayfly nymphs. Some days a small nymph with pizzazz works way better than a more natural fly. An example of this is the Red Lightning Bug. Its a hot Metolius fly and has been for years.

Bull Trout fishing remains good most days. We’ve got some great (big) streamers for your success on these fish and can also make you a sweet custom cut sink tip if you need to get deep.

Metolius River fishing report 10/24/17

I was on the river yesterday after the big weekend storm. The river was very slightly off color and not noticeably higher although the gauge shows the river a few hundred cfs higher than normal. Its a big enough river to absorb that small percentage of flow to not be too noticeable .

It was glorious out there. Fall Colors! Incredible Autumn Light! Plenty of spawning Kokanee and a lot of fish rising to PMD’s in the afternoon. Besides PMD’s there were quite a few Baetis, a few mahogany duns, mixed Cinygmula’s, even a couple of Drakes which got slammed along with a few October Caddis that also got hit hard.
We did best on a Yellow Knock Down Dun and PMD Parachute and Sparkle Dun.

I’m getting good reports of nymph success from Allingham to Gorge on October Caddis Pupa and Eggs.

Bull Trout fishing continues to be good, and we expect the streamer fishing to be rocking for most of the winter. What I find later in the winter is the BT’s start liking small red nymphs a lot and can often be fooled better with those (Ice Cream Cone, Lightning Bug, Copper John, Zebra Midge) over streamers but it’s day by day and your choice. Right now, they are meat eaters so keep up the streamer chucking.

Metolius River fishing report 10/12/17

We sure have some good autumn weather in the Sisters area today and we love it. Afternoon mayfly hatches are rocking! As are October Caddis.

PMD’s are not done yet but they are mixing in with our other yellow fall mayfly, the cinygmula. No worries, as the same fly patterns are a good match for both if you can’t tell them apart. PMD’s have 3 tails, and Cinygmula’s have 2 tails so that is an easy way to tell at a glance.
Blue Wing Olives are really rolling in the afternoon.
I am surprised, but as of the last 2 days we are still seeing Green Drakes on the water about 2 PM. This can’t last too much longer but enjoy it while it does and be prepared for it with some Film Critics and Sparkle Duns.

October Caddis Pupa is a strong choice on nymphs to fish now. Also Frenchies, Black Zebra Midge, our 2 Tungsten Bead CDC Red Lightning Bug and CDC Hares Ears.
Plus (++++!!!!) Eggs. Lots and Lots of eggs.

Bull Trout Fishing is very strong with most fish coming to big white or big black streamers. Definitely worth the effort but seriously bring a 7 or 8 weight to do this. Also, a single hand rod (in my opinion) is a better Metolius tool than a switch or spey from the standpoint of wadeability and being able to stay out in the river far enough from the bank to form a D Loop. I prefer a good 9 1/2′ to 10′ 7 or 8 weight.


Metolius River fishing report 9/15/17

Drakes and Flav’s in the afternoon from the Canyon to Below 99, also some good reports of Golden Stones all over the river from 99 to Tract C with the Clarks Stone taking some nice fish this week.
Today there were a lot of little olive stones on the water and fish were on them.
PMD, Mahogany Dun, BWO, lot’s of caddis will round it out for you to match what could be 8 to 12 different hatches throughout the day. A dry fly anglers dream….but some days very challenging to match. Yesterday the fish pounded drakes. Tuesday they preferred flav’s.
No better game to play than that in my opinion.

Have fun.

Metolius Fall Drakes!

Flav’s (#14) and Fall Drakes (#10) are hatching along with Mahogany Duns (#16), PMD’s (#16) Baetis (#18-20).
Little Olive Stones are coming on with a vengeance this 4th day of September. Check out our new double wing stone and always have a few Hemingway’s or Henryville’s in a #18 on board. We find trimming the hackle flat on the bottom is usually what the fish like best.
Still quite a few stoneflies of the larger species out as well.
Caddis hatches are no slouch either. We love September hatches on the Metolius. Most of the fish we are getting are on these 3 patterns: Siddac #16, Iris Caddis #16-18 and the Missing Link #16-18.

Nymphing is fine but really with all these hatches in September I usually leave the nymph box behind.

Bull Trout fishing continues to be good (better than average) and you know the drill with the big white streamers on a 7 or 8 weight. I say what rod to fish because too many people show up to buy the flies and go “whoa, I can’t throw that with my 5 weight!” . No you can’t. You need a meat stick, so bring the power rod. Besides, some of these BT’s go 10 pounds or more.

Metolius update 8/28/17

Tina and I spent the afternoon on our favorite river and we ran into some good hatches near the hatchery.
The really good news was Flav’s were coming off and the fish were “drake taking” them from about 1:30 to 2:15-30’ish. Had the best success on the Flav Film Critic.

There were also a lot of PMD’s, Mahogany Duns, BWO’s and small Creamy Caddis #18-20.

In the evening look for #16 caddis (olive or tan) and Rusty Spinners #16-18 at dusk.

It won’t be long and we will see Fall Drakes!

Nymphing is still fantastic! Tons of action on Frenchies, Red Copper John, McGee’s Girdle, Zebra Midge, Caddis Pupa, Micro Mayfly and 2 Bit Hooker.

Bull Trout Fishing is really good. Big White Streamers are the bomb-diggity.

Metolius River Report 8/19/17

Bull Trout fishing is really good right now. We have been catching them (mostly in the mornings) on white streamers.


Trout fishing has also been quite good with Clarks Stones and PMD’s in the upper river, PMD’s, Yellow Sally’s, Caddis (galore), BWO’s and Rusty Spinners in the Middle and Lower river to the Candle Creek area.

No smoke, no fires…Metolius is a good bet right now.

Metolius has been great! 8/15/17

Oh my gosh, from Golden Stones to PMD’s and Baetis and Caddis and Bull Trout it is happening out here.
We had an epic day on the upper river with Clarks Stones the other day.
Evening BWO and Caddis action is good with a pretty consistent Rusty Spinner Fall at Dusk!
Afternoon PMD’s and a larger Olive Caudatella Mayfly will bring the fish up for sure.
More Bull’s in the river now than normal and we think it’s because the lake is warm and has algae the fish took an early vacation. They wanna play on Big White Streamers so bring your 8 weight.

Fun Summer fishing on the Met!

Plenty of hatches and lot’s of good nymphing now, and of course the freezing cold spring water is a welcome relief on hot summer days…for us and the trout! There is nothing better than the Metolius in the Summer.
Here’s a rundown of the hatches:
PMD #16 Keep an eye out from 11 AM to as late as 8 PM but expect the peak about noon to 3.
Rusty Spinners #16 could be out in the eddies and slow runs very early in the morning but your peak will be the last 20 to 30 minutes before dark.
Blue Wing Olives #18 are out again and we see them in the early evening as soon as the shadows hit the water and the humidity comes up.
Caddis. There are a bunch of caddis hatching but seems like Olive #16, Tan #16, Yellow #18 and Black #20. Caddis are going to be mostly evening but I wouldn’t hesitate to use a Siddac or Parachute caddis mid day.
Yellow Sally #16-18 are gorgeous little yellow stones that love the mid day heat. Fish them close to the banks anywhere on the river but especially in the upper river.
Golden Stones #8-12 are coming off so so in the upper river but the fish want to eat them and we continue to fish a Clarks Stone with good success. The stones are also coming off below Bridge 99 and we’ve had some reports of good fishing on the big bugs down there.

Nymph fishing is good with McGee’s Girdles as the point, and PMD nymphs, Micro May’s, Frenchies, Sparkle Pupa’s, Zebra’s and Lightning Bugs.
It’s been the most consistent fishing and is working on all stretches of the river.