Thanksgiving Week Fishing Prospects in Central Oregon

It looks like we have a warm week coming up, which might change your plans from Skiing (skiing in the rain sucks!) to fishing. We have guides on the Lower D today and just got a text it was good today.
Fish are on Stonefly Nymphs with an Egg Dropper or Lightning Bug pretty well. I’d also recommend worm patterns.
We are getting trout and steelhead on pretty much the same set up.
Swinging for Steelhead is OK, we’ve seen the best results on sink tips and leeches.

The Metolius was fabulous over the weekend Czech nymphing Frenchie’s and Eggs. You could run those off a Golden Stone nymph or use some putty or shot to get down.
There have been decent to good BWO hatches. Some days the fish look up and some days they are sticking to the nymphs. Watch for risers but plan to get down.
Bull Trout fishing is pretty good now, with many of the fish still coming on big streamers like a Clark’s Rat or Candyman. If they don’t chase and eat white, go Black….or go early in the AM and nymph a big #10-12 red ice cream cone and egg.

Fall River is good, with BWO and Midge hatches from about noon to 3. I’d expect more fish rising on the Fall then the Met or Crooked. That said, excellent catches on our Lead Eyed Egg with a Red Zebra or Black 2 Bit Hooker trailed behind.

Crooked River Whitefish seem to be in full spawn mode now. Lots of eggs in the drift.
If you aren’t finding the spawning areas there won’t be many eggs in the drift, so go with a Micro Mayfly or Frenchie and run a Ray Charles as a tag.
I’ve had mixed reports on dries. Some guys are getting a few on top, but it is mostly nymphs now.
Don’t forget the tiny thread midge larva patterns and zebra midges. A midge winkler works well in the film or fished deep too. Go small on your midges from 20 to 26.

Lower Deschutes Report 11/2/17

I was lucky enough to get on the river WS to TC over the weekend and again tuesday and while I didn’t personally get any steelhead, my wife did and some friends did as well.
Remember the west side of the main channel is now closed including the reservation and some of the islands so be aware of where you can and can’t stop to fish and respect the WS Reservation closures.

The Oregon reg’s this season state Trout Fishing remains OPEN until Dec 31. This is a change as it used to be only Steelhead after Oct 31.

We’ve been doing well on Cheeseburgers, Stone Nymphs, Girdle Bugs, 3 Dollar Dips, Caddis Pupa, Oct Caddis, PT’s and Frenchie’s.
Very little if any dry fly action for a while. Seems like warm days in January and February down in Maupin will get some fish looking up, but until then it is going to be a nymphing game.

We are swinging small purple or black patterns, mostly on sink tips. Leech type patterns have accounted for many of our steelhead this season, but really the majority of the steelhead we are catching are coming on trout nymphs.

Crooked River report 11/2/17

yesterday the BWO hatch was strong in the heavy wind and today not as much, but today the midges turned on later afternoon and the fish came up on them like crazy.

the whitey spawn is just beginning so you need to be fishing small light colored eggs and we recommend doing that on a drop shot set up.

micro may’s, zebra’s, ray charles, skinny nelson’s and frenchie’s are all hot nymphs to run under a sighter or NZ indicator.

Metolius fishing report 11/2/17

anglers, don’t forget the seasonal closure took effect on 10-31-17 so as of yesterday the river is closed a short distance from the Headwaters down through Camp Sherman to the Allingham Bridge. This is closed to protect spawning fish and has been a big help in creating the wild trout fishery the river has become since they stopped stocking in 1995.

From Allingham to Gorge the nymph action is good with BWO’s coming off about 2 PM right now.
In the late afternoon October Caddis are hatching, and while we prefer the pupa pattern every once in a while the fish will smack a big dry.

The Gorge to Candle Creek (below 99) is good and offers the best Bull Trout opportunity and good dry fly action mid day on BWO, Cinygmula, a few straggler PMD’s and Mahogany Duns. I expect after this cold front that is hitting us that cinygmula’s will be around for another week or so, and then just BWO’s for the rest of the winter mixed with Oct Caddis, Snow Sedge and Silver Stripe Sedge until March. Oh, and Midges although I rarely take fish on the surface with Midge patterns on the Metolius the Zebra Midge is a total go to pattern.

As we move into deep fall and winter fishing stonefly nymphs and eggs become staples along with caddis pupa and small mayfly nymphs. Some days a small nymph with pizzazz works way better than a more natural fly. An example of this is the Red Lightning Bug. Its a hot Metolius fly and has been for years.

Bull Trout fishing remains good most days. We’ve got some great (big) streamers for your success on these fish and can also make you a sweet custom cut sink tip if you need to get deep.

Fall River fishing report 11/2/17

still seeing very good BWO hatches and midges in the afternoon. These are bringing fish up to the top for sure. Fish are loving cripples and emergers and comparaduns and we strongly suggest going to a 7x tippet.

we’ve been hitting some good fish on streamers too. they love to chase it and a lot of times if you are moving it right, they eat it! we’ve got some streamers that are smaller and just right for the Fall River.

nymphing is great. one thing is the fish are sipping them pretty softly, so a yarn indicator like the NZ wool stuff or the Loon tip toppers is recommended. 2 Bit Hooker and a Frenchie is our #1 combo. Micro Mayfly, Zebra Midge, Eggs, Mr Peacock are definitely good under the indicator too. BTW, you can czech nymph these too and use a sighter instead of an indicator.

Lower Deschutes Report 10/24/17

We have guides on the lower river a lot lately and it’s been fun how many steelhead we’ve poked on the WS to TC run.
Besides Steelies, good (big) Redsides are coming to net, mostly on October Caddis Pupa and Stonefly Nymphs. We are excited about the Double Bead Peacock Stone with Ruber Legs and the McGee’s Girdle Bug. 2 really hot flies for us for this fall.

We’ve got a lot of season ahead of us on the Lower Deschutes and so do you. Make the most of the fall and get down there. Don’t forget, the reservation side closes for the season after next Tuesday but the East Side remains open for the rest of the year.

We’ve been doing a lot of Micro Spey stuff. 4 and 5 weight rods with short tips or no tip and use an indicator and the above listed nymphs. It’s a blast.

Cascade Lake ideas for 10/24/17

Not a lot of time left on some of the lakes. Many close on October 31st, so here is a rundown on how to hit the last of the lake opportunities and 2 lakes you can keep fishing until the weather really goes to crap.

East is always my favorite. Part of that comes from the fact I started fishing there when I was 3.
I had friends up there last week using streamers along the banks and catching a good number of nice trout.
Docks are out so launching a bigger boat is going to be hard. There was snow on the ground, but the storm over the weekend ended up warm so I would guess a lot of that melted away.
For the next week, the weather looks good and I’d put East high on the list.

Crane is good out in the Rock Creek flat over to Quinn and in the Deschutes Flat thru the Channel. It doesn’t sound like the fish are in the channels much from the reports I am getting. The fish seem to be mostly coming on Leeches.

I was at Hosmer last week and it was pretty good. We got most of out fish on a red chironomid, but also on black leeches and on little brown beetles during the afternoon hatch. It doesn’t close october 31, so if the weather stays warm and dry in November keep fishing Hosmer.

Wickiup I’ve heard is pretty slow. I did hear of some guys getting fish on leeches under an indicator, but I also know a guy who was blanked several trips in a row. I’d go somewhere else.

North Twin is a good late season lake and won’t close Oct 31 so keep fishing up there in November and later as long as it stays warm like it is. Leeches and Scuds are good bets, but I would also fish some blood worms in about 6 to 12′ under an indicator now.

Clear Lake is off the radar for a lot of Central Oregon anglers. It shouldn’t be. Just 40 minutes at the most from our fly shop it is a worthwhile year round fishery as long as the weather is holding and conducive to getting in there.
The fish can run deep so at least a type 3 sinking line, and if you have something heavier like a type 5 or 200 to 300 grain 24′ sink tip it can be useful to get to the fish.

Crooked River fishing report 10/24/17

Fricken’ great dry fly fishing in the afternoon. BWO’s mostly but still a few small #18 PMD’s too.

Nymphs in the morning and before or between hatches. WD 40 and Skinny Nelson’s have been good with the water dropping. We still like the heavier Micro Mayflies and 2 Bit Hookers but in some runs they are too heavy so you need a few lighter weighted patterns too.

We are very close to the whitefish spawn so get ready for amazing October fishing with eggs. It’s one of my favorite things to do in November is to use my 10′ 2 weight Echo Shadow Rod and fish eggs behind the spawners. Crazy fun.

Metolius River fishing report 10/24/17

I was on the river yesterday after the big weekend storm. The river was very slightly off color and not noticeably higher although the gauge shows the river a few hundred cfs higher than normal. Its a big enough river to absorb that small percentage of flow to not be too noticeable .

It was glorious out there. Fall Colors! Incredible Autumn Light! Plenty of spawning Kokanee and a lot of fish rising to PMD’s in the afternoon. Besides PMD’s there were quite a few Baetis, a few mahogany duns, mixed Cinygmula’s, even a couple of Drakes which got slammed along with a few October Caddis that also got hit hard.
We did best on a Yellow Knock Down Dun and PMD Parachute and Sparkle Dun.

I’m getting good reports of nymph success from Allingham to Gorge on October Caddis Pupa and Eggs.

Bull Trout fishing continues to be good, and we expect the streamer fishing to be rocking for most of the winter. What I find later in the winter is the BT’s start liking small red nymphs a lot and can often be fooled better with those (Ice Cream Cone, Lightning Bug, Copper John, Zebra Midge) over streamers but it’s day by day and your choice. Right now, they are meat eaters so keep up the streamer chucking.

Fall River fishing report 10/24/17

Fall River made it through the weekend storm totally unscathed and is fishing super well with BWO’s. We love this little spring creek all year long, but especially in the fall.
Besides BWO’s there are a few PMD’s, Caddis, Midges and we still recommend an ant and beetle during the warm times in the afternoon.

Nymphs of BWO’s and PMD’s dropped off a heavy egg or Frenchie is a great bet when they aren’t coming up. Small Red Zebra Midge is also a hot October pattern.