Cascade Lakes report 9/15/17

So last wednesday was my last great day of fishing on the lakes. Thursday 9/7 we got a big thunderstorm and it rained hard. Friday AM greeted us with fresh skies, no smoke, and clear water on East lake. But the fishing was S-L-O-W. It did pick up a bit in the afternoon but not to the level I’d been experiencing for the last 4 or 5 weeks.
Monday and Tuesday at East lake brought around 10 fish per day, mixed on a slow chironomid bite, some callibaetis risers in the morning and some beetle or ant fishing in the afternoon.
So wednesday I decided to go to Hosmer. It was also quite slow. Lot’s of cruising fish that looked to be feeding but we enticed very few. Red Chironomids were the best bet. We rose a couple of fish on ants, and saw a few fish take a damsel adult or rare callibaetis. It was a weather pattern change day and was cool and windy which is always tough at Hosmer.

I’m headed back to East several days next week and hoping for the best. This is often a magical time on the lakes but right now is also a transition time between the end of summer and the beginning of fall. I am hopeful the fall weather, with the cold rains and spitting snow that begins on Monday and lasts for 2 or 3 days over the Cascades is the change we need to get the fish realizing it is fall and they need to feed like it is a frenzy time because Winter is Coming.

I heard some good reports from Crane on Leech Patterns this week around Quinn and Rock Creek.
Also, Adam from the shop was on Wickiup yesterday and bought some nice Browns streamer fishing.

Lava ought to be picking up for fall. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s been there.


Crooked River report 9/15/17

Fish are looking up more and more which is finally giving us some better dry fly days late season.
BWO’s, PMD’s and Mahogany Duns are all hatching. I had a customer who hammered them on a Purple Comparadun a few days ago.
Still great nymph action on Micro Mayflies, Frenchies, Zebra Midges and Jigs have been excellent.

Metolius River fishing report 9/15/17

Drakes and Flav’s in the afternoon from the Canyon to Below 99, also some good reports of Golden Stones all over the river from 99 to Tract C with the Clarks Stone taking some nice fish this week.
Today there were a lot of little olive stones on the water and fish were on them.
PMD, Mahogany Dun, BWO, lot’s of caddis will round it out for you to match what could be 8 to 12 different hatches throughout the day. A dry fly anglers dream….but some days very challenging to match. Yesterday the fish pounded drakes. Tuesday they preferred flav’s.
No better game to play than that in my opinion.

Have fun.

East Lake fishing report 9/4/17

Fishing continues to be quite good with the fish rising to callibaetis in the morning and also on wind free afternoons.
Beetle’s and Ant’s are still good, but not as intense along the shoreline as it was.
What has been better is chironomid doubles under an indicator. I’ve been using an all red larvae pattern on the bottom with an olive or black pupa 2 feet up in about 16 to 18 feet of water.
Wind Drifting is good most of the time. We were using type 3 sinking lines and fishing in deeper water starting but last week we found more fish in 12 to 15 feet and switched to an intermediate line. A small olive flashback PT #18 has been my hot nymph and I’ve been running it as a trailer behind a black leech which has produced some good fish too.

Hosmer update 9/4/17

The Nash Fire continues to put Elk Lake and Hosmer on Level 2 pre-evacuation notice. I don’t recommend going at this time. Give it to Friday and we should see where that fire is going and hopefully can give a heads up for a safer trip to one of our favorite lakes in Central Oregon.


3 Creeks Lake still fishing well. 9/4/17

Our guides have been working on 3 Creeks and finding good success on Callibaetis, Midges and Leeches.
Smoke moves in and out from local fires but is usually less smokey than here in town.

We’ve been enjoying late afternoon and evening fishing just wading the shoreline near the boat launch area but of course a tube or boat is always a good idea on the little lake.

Check out this fish our guide Adam Ross got his customer in to Sunday 9/3/17


Metolius Fall Drakes!

Flav’s (#14) and Fall Drakes (#10) are hatching along with Mahogany Duns (#16), PMD’s (#16) Baetis (#18-20).
Little Olive Stones are coming on with a vengeance this 4th day of September. Check out our new double wing stone and always have a few Hemingway’s or Henryville’s in a #18 on board. We find trimming the hackle flat on the bottom is usually what the fish like best.
Still quite a few stoneflies of the larger species out as well.
Caddis hatches are no slouch either. We love September hatches on the Metolius. Most of the fish we are getting are on these 3 patterns: Siddac #16, Iris Caddis #16-18 and the Missing Link #16-18.

Nymphing is fine but really with all these hatches in September I usually leave the nymph box behind.

Bull Trout fishing continues to be good (better than average) and you know the drill with the big white streamers on a 7 or 8 weight. I say what rod to fish because too many people show up to buy the flies and go “whoa, I can’t throw that with my 5 weight!” . No you can’t. You need a meat stick, so bring the power rod. Besides, some of these BT’s go 10 pounds or more.

Metolius update 8/28/17

Tina and I spent the afternoon on our favorite river and we ran into some good hatches near the hatchery.
The really good news was Flav’s were coming off and the fish were “drake taking” them from about 1:30 to 2:15-30’ish. Had the best success on the Flav Film Critic.

There were also a lot of PMD’s, Mahogany Duns, BWO’s and small Creamy Caddis #18-20.

In the evening look for #16 caddis (olive or tan) and Rusty Spinners #16-18 at dusk.

It won’t be long and we will see Fall Drakes!

Nymphing is still fantastic! Tons of action on Frenchies, Red Copper John, McGee’s Girdle, Zebra Midge, Caddis Pupa, Micro Mayfly and 2 Bit Hooker.

Bull Trout Fishing is really good. Big White Streamers are the bomb-diggity.

Hosmer Lake fishing report 8/24/17

We were at Hosmer yesterday and stayed until dark. It was fantastic.

Most of the day was good with ants, but from 7 to 8:30 my Black Butte Callibaetis and a #18 Parachute Adams was hot.

There was a short time a damsel adult and damsel nymph also worked. We have been really digging the balanced damsel and an indicator this season at Hosmer.

Here are a few photos from yesterday to share:

Three Creeks Lake open 8/24/17

Access to Three Creeks is again open up the 16 road.
There is a level 2 evacuation notice for the area but it is looking much safer than when I wrote last week as the fire is becoming more controlled and they seem to be getting a handle on it.

We are excited to get back up there and enjoy some late summer Callibaetis fishing, troll some leeches and chironomids around and just be back in the mountains at one of our favorite local lakes.

See you there!