Lower Deschutes report 7/19/17

The Fly Fisher's Place

We’ve had a lot of great days on the Lower D from Warm Springs to Trout Creek including some surprisingly great afternoon dry fly action.
Usually that dry fly fishing is holding off until dark, but my guides have discovered some pretty cool new stuff that is working well.
It’s mostly a caddis show, and you’ll need Pupa fished deep, Pupa emerging in the film, Adults and Spent Caddis to match all the stages you’ll encounter throughout the day.
PMD and Pale Evening Duns are important too, especially in the evening, with probable Rusty Spinners at dusk.

Nymph fishing is of course productive. The Girdle Bug with a Red Copper John dropper is always a favorite, but Yellow Soft hackles and our new CDC 2 tungsten bead flashback PT is awesome too.

Definitely fun swinging sink tips and sculpins. A few early run wild steelhead have passed through at the mouth. Swinging a sculpin may find one of the early boys and wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Three Creeks Lake report 7/19/17

The Fly Fisher's Place

In the last few days I had a guide trip and a family day up there and fishing was very good both days. Mid Day, we trolled with Type 3 full sink lines and an Orange Bugger with a Red Chironomid or a Black Birds Nest with a Flashback PT.
I saw good Callibaetis action about 2 to 4.
In the evening right at dusk there are a lot of small black caddis and the fish are rising well to them.

Cascade Lakes fishing report 7/19/17

FFP owner Jeff Perin with a big bow on a East lake

East lake — I’ve been practically living on East Lake, 3 to 6 days a week for the last month or more and have seen a lot of different stuff going on, but I’ll say the last 7 to 10 days since I updated the report last it has gotten better for a number of reasons.

First is the turnover and pollen scum has cleared and the water is clean with good visibility.

Water Temperatures

One thing to watch is afternoon water temps. Highest I am seeing late afternoon is 68. Remember to shut off fishing if it hits 70. Morning temps are 65. It is good the nights have been cooler and we’ve had more days up there in the 70’s lately than nearing 90 like we had 10 to 14 days back.


Getting a lot of fish on dries. Especially Beetles and Ants and most days on Callibaetis Parachutes and Emergers.

I’ve had really good luck wind Drifting with type 3 sinking lines. Flashback PT’s and Red Ice Cream Cones have been awesome as a trailer behind a Possie Bugger or Black Bugger. Seems to me way more fish going with the Type 3 than the typical Clear Camo Type 1.

Hosmer Lake

Really good afternoon Damsel action, plus beetles and ant’s and in the evening you’ll see more callibaetis, BIG traveling sedges and right before dark tiny Caenis spinners. Love the Cranebows ODFW stock now. Hosmer is a great spot.

Lava Lake

Temps are above 70. Give it a wait until it cools a bit or fish really deep early in the AM with Chironomids.

Crane Prairie

Warm Water in the lake has fish in the Channels. Fish close to the Source of the Deschutes Channel or in the Quinn Channel with Chironomids. Damsels and a little opportunity for Leech fishing in the morning too.

Book a Trip

If you would like to book a trip with us on any of our Cascade Lakes now is the time! Give us a call at the shop at (541) 549-3474 or just let us know.

Crooked River fishing report 7/19/17

The Fly Fisher's Place

Fishing the Crooked from the Dam down to about Mile Post 12 is very good. During the day there is little opportunity for dry fly fishing, so we’ve been hitting them hard with a Czech Nymph system usually with a Frenchie and a Baetis nymph dropper.
Running it drop shot style is the most effective.

In the late afternoon and improving evening hatches you can find fish taking Mahogany Duns and PMD’s, X Caddis and Renegades.

Fall River fishing report 7/19/17

The Fly Fisher's Place

Our guides are out on the Fall on a regular basis and reporting good fishing conditions. We are catching fish mostly on nymphs fished deep. Flies like a Frenchie, Tungsten Micro May, Zebra Midge and PMD Split Case Emerger have been productive.

On top, Ant’s and Beetles, PMD, Olive Elk Hair Caddis, Henryville Caddis, Yellow Sally and a late evening Rusty Spinner.

One often overlooked method to pick up fish is a short, heavy sink tip (like 5 or 6 feet of T10) and a small streamer, especially a brightly colored Rufus.


Fun Summer fishing on the Met!

The Fly Fisher's Place

Plenty of hatches and lot’s of good nymphing now, and of course the freezing cold spring water is a welcome relief on hot summer days…for us and the trout! There is nothing better than the Metolius in the Summer.
Here’s a rundown of the hatches:
PMD #16 Keep an eye out from 11 AM to as late as 8 PM but expect the peak about noon to 3.
Rusty Spinners #16 could be out in the eddies and slow runs very early in the morning but your peak will be the last 20 to 30 minutes before dark.
Blue Wing Olives #18 are out again and we see them in the early evening as soon as the shadows hit the water and the humidity comes up.
Caddis. There are a bunch of caddis hatching but seems like Olive #16, Tan #16, Yellow #18 and Black #20. Caddis are going to be mostly evening but I wouldn’t hesitate to use a Siddac or Parachute caddis mid day.
Yellow Sally #16-18 are gorgeous little yellow stones that love the mid day heat. Fish them close to the banks anywhere on the river but especially in the upper river.
Golden Stones #8-12 are coming off so so in the upper river but the fish want to eat them and we continue to fish a Clarks Stone with good success. The stones are also coming off below Bridge 99 and we’ve had some reports of good fishing on the big bugs down there.

Nymph fishing is good with McGee’s Girdles as the point, and PMD nymphs, Micro May’s, Frenchies, Sparkle Pupa’s, Zebra’s and Lightning Bugs.
It’s been the most consistent fishing and is working on all stretches of the river.

Lower Deschutes fishing report 7/4/17

The Fly Fisher's Place

Our guides are seeing very good summer fishing on the Warm Springs to Trout Creek drift using PMD’s, Caddis and Pale Evening Duns.

During the day we are doing a lot of nymphing with McGee’s Girdle, Small Cheeseburgers, Prince, Zebra Midges, PMD Nymphs and Caddis Pupa.

One more thing to try is a sculpin swung on a sink tip. This is particularly fun on a micro spey rod or small trout sized switch rod.

East Lake fishing report 7/4/17

The Fly Fisher's Place

It’s an intersting year, or at least an interesting last couple of weeks at East Lake.
One note it the lake has recently turned over and there is a fair bit of debris/algae/detritus floating and that mixed with a S**T Load of Pine Pollen in some areas the surface of the lake is just yellow.

Fishing is pretty good, but I’d say at the moment not as good as normal for this time of year and for myself I am having to do really different things to get fish.
For example, I love to fish chironomids in 12 to 18 feet of water. It is a staple of my daily routine. I usually fish a Red Ice Cream Cone on the bottom and a black or olive chironomid 18 to 24 inches above the bottom fly. This year (so far) it is like crickets. Nothing. Zip.

What is working is running on the bank lines. Plenty of fish there. Some days they are eating Callibaetis, other times terrestrials. I am finding Black Beetles to be my best dry this year.
Yesterday they were eating Callibaetis parachutes, 2 days ago they likes a Brooks Sprout, 2 days before that a BB Callibaetis and one day last week all they wanted was a Harrops CDC Callibaetis Cripple. So everyday is different. It’s a game and it’s fun but it’s not easy.
Sometimes they key on spinners too, and that’s the other thing to watch. The spinner fall dance will be heavy and we assume spinners are what the fish are keyed on but if you look carefully the emergence of new Duns is happening at the same time but being over shadowed by the spinners.

Wind Drifting has been good. Some nice trout and a ton of small Kokanee. I am running a Callibaetis nymph on a Type 3 full sink on 5x Fluoro and running a tiny red worm (#22) as a dropper on 6x fluoro 20 inches behind the 1st fly. It’s very productive and great for kids and newer anglers who you just want to have a lot of success.
Definitely catching more on the type 3 than on an Intermediate but that can change from day to day.

Will be watching water temperatures. 65 now. 69 is our stopping point to keep the trout safe. A little cool down will be welcomed, including a big thunderstorm with some hail. That would be great!



Crooked River fishing report 7/4/17

The Fly Fisher's Place

Man we’ve been having really good nymphing days on the Crooked with all of our guides pretty much sticking to sightline/euro style leaders on short casts using Frenchies, Zebra’s, Psycho Prince, Micro Mayfly (especially the BWO color) and our new Double Bead CDC Flashback PT.

Some fish up on top to Renegades, Adams, Parachute Rusty Spinner, PMD, BWO and X Caddis. Look for rising fish in the late afternoon and evening.

Metolius River Fishing Report 7/4/17

The Fly Fisher's Place

Happy 4th of July. We are giving the trout no independence from our flies. Although one of our favorite flies is a Frenchie, but for this day we’ve names it the Freedom Fly.

This week we’ve seen better nymphing action than dry fly fishing. Maybe the heat? PMD hatches were a bit off, and evening caddis hatches were light. The one shining light was plenty more golden stones in the upper river bringing the fish up to the surface.

This is the time of year we get good afternoon PMD hatches usually sometime in the noon to 4 range, some BWO’s usually from about 6 PM to 8 PM and great Caddis hatches in the evening followed by Rusty Spinners at dusk. Let’s hope it all gets back on schedule this coming week.

By the way, a few nice Bull Trout are being caught on big streamers. Best results will come in the early morning hours.