Lower Deschutes Fishing Report 5/25/17

There are PLENTY of Salmonflies and Goldenstones out but fishing on the big bugs is not what is usually is, or can be. Yet. Remember, this hatch on the Lower Deschutes from beginning to end is 3 weeks or more. Out of 3 weeks, usually 3 or 4 days are intense feeding activity by the fish. It still should happen.
We are catching fish on stonefly adult patterns. Chubby’s, Supafly’s, Norm’s, Clark’s have all picked up fish for us down there.
Seems like the fish are eating caddis pupa and worms better than anything.

Don’t give up on the stonefly hatch. Hot weather is coming back, water conditions look good (4700 today, up from 4300 earlier this week) and perhaps after the holiday weekend crowds will thin out a bit. Go fish.

Middle Deschutes report 5/25/17

Salmonflies seem to be kaput but maybe a few pockets here and there to watch for them especially up in the Tumalo area.

It has been an off salmon fly hatch thru there never really taking off strong. I suppose it’s possible we could get a few evenings of egg layers yet?

Pale Evening Duns, PMD’s, Caddis, Renegades and Purple Haze are all the best dry fly’s now.

Frenchie’s, PT’s, Micro Mayfly’s and Serendipity’s are great nymphs at the moment, with soft hackles swung in the evening another fun choice and totally different presentation.

Cascade Lakes fishing report 5/25/17

A lot of things to talk about on the Cascade lakes with access, fishing conditions and flies.


#1) East Lake is fishable. Fish are on the shoal near the resort. Float Tube or Wade Fishing access from that beach is good. There is no access to EL Camp Ground or Boat Launch, Hot Springs Boat Ramp or Cinder Hill CG and Ramp. There is access at the resort but it’s limited due to snow. As of yesterday there is a good 3 feet of snow in most of the camp grounds and parking lots.

#2) Crane Prairie is good. The fish are taking chironomids, back leeches, maroon leeches and this week the callibaetis hatch came off good and the fish were hitting the duns on top but really liked nymphs down a few feet on a slow strip.

#3) Lots of Callibaetis at Davis. Fishing is fair, seems like it should be better with all that hatch going on. I’d also have a good leech selection and damsel nymph patterns.

#4) Lava has been good for us. We’ve been seeing lots of fish on the shorelines nearly all around the lake. The best fish for us have come on chironomids under an indicator about 3 to 5 feet.

#5) Homer’s access road is still closed. I know some people who walked in yesterday. Looks like you could launch a tube very easily. Should be amazing! Road ought to be open within a week….the snow drifts looked thin and hot weather is coming back.

Crooked River fishing report 5/25/17

The Water continues to hold at 280 which is the level it was all last summer. Mothers Day Caddis hatches are strong. Fishing is pretty decent, with a lot of whitefish and smaller trout coming to net for our guides so far this week.

Mothers Day Caddis in the Pupa and Adult are very important, plus Scuds, Zebra Midges, Rainbow Warriors and a few BWO’s hatching plus Micro Mayfly Nymphs are doing the trick.

Metolius River Fishing Report 5/25/17

The first of the Green Drakes have been showing up this week! We’ve heard of Drakes from Below 99 up to the Hatchery. Hatch times have been 2 ish, but could be as late as 5 PM.

Plenty of PMD’s, Rusty Spinners and Caddis. Fish have been taking some caddis adults but the Pupa’s have been producing more fish.

The Upper River is now open, so access from Allingham up thru Camp Sherman, Lake Creek and Tract C is all good.

We still believe a lot of fish are spawning in the tributaries. Fishing is not as good as it can be, but it’s fair to good. In a week or so it should be even better.

Lower Deschutes report 5/17/17

I love writing this report. The Salmonflies stretch from Maupin all the way up to Warm Springs and we are waiting for good weather which is forecast for tomorrow and looks warm all the way through Memorial Day. To me, it looks like PRIME salmonfly hatch conditions and the river is perfectly flowing at 4600 cfs.

We have guides available for the next 15 to 20 days of suspected salmonfly and golden stone hatch time if you want to book with us call (541)549-3474


Middle Deschutes report 5/17/17

The River is in great shape, running from 100 to 133 cfs today. It is slightly off color from Little Deschutes runoff but is good.

Salmonflies have made it from Lake Billy all the way thru Tumalo and even the first big boys starting above Bend. I would highly recommend chucking Gee’s Salmonflies and Purple Chubby’s.

PMD’s, PED’s and Caddis are hatching in most places. Never forget about Renegades and Purple Haze on the Middle river!

Cascade Lakes Report 5/17/17

Lava Lake is open and fishing well. The fish are on Leeches mostly and we have found Brown to be the best color but Olive to be a fine choice as well. There have been times when a black chironomid pupa has produced well in the last week too.

Crane continues to fish best in the Deschutes Channel area on Black Leeches and Black/Red Chironomids. We had a customer there over the weekend who saw some callibaetis hatching too.

No access yet to Hosmer.

Fall River report 5/17/17

PMD hatches are improving on the Fall and the first Drakes of the season can’t be far behind. Along with these, Ants, Caddis, Blue Wing Olives and even the 1st Yellow Sally’s of the season are out.

We had a good week since ODFW stocked it again last week. We’ve had our best luck on Frenchie’s, 2 Bit Hookers and Jigs.