Crooked is too high 2/17/17

The latest:


Prineville Reservoir discharges will increase from 600 cfs to 1,000 cfs (two-200cfs increases) today based on the current reservoir inflow. We are currently 4kaf below the flood curve with current inflows at approximately 3,300 cfs. Conditions and forecasts will continue to be monitored and adjustment made to discharge as necessary.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Chris Runyan, P.E.

River and Reservoir Operations

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

PN Regional Office

1150 N. Curtis Ave.

Boise, ID 83706


Crooked River fishing report 2/15/17

The water is running a little high, at 386 cfs. Normal winter flow is about 80 cfs, normal summer flow 250’ish. It is fishable. I probably wouldn’t try to wade across it myself, but I’d work the edges.
Scuds and Zebra Midges are working, but in higher water it is never a bad choice to swing or dead drift an olive or black leech pattern.
From what I am hearing, fishing is slow to fair for most anglers.
Drop Shot, Czech nymph/sighters, Palsa or NZ indicators and Zebra Midges are your best keys to higher numbers of landed fish. #respect whitefish.

There have been no real BWO hatches to speak of, and a few good midge hatches but nothing really getting the fish to look up when feeding quite yet. We need some warm days I think to get that going and right now there is nothing in the 10 day forecast that looks like the trend will change.
The March forecast is interesting though. Forecasters are calling for the shift of the La Nina current to go south moderating the Pacific NW temps and maybe going to slightly above average temperatures. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too warm and cause rapid melt and big runoff though. We’ll keep an eye on that.

Metolius River fishing report 2/15/17

I’ve been in Chile for the last 12 days so I am getting updates from friends and family on how fishing has been in the area, and it seems like the Metolius is by far the best option of any of the local rivers right now. There are afternoon hatch of BWO’s, quite a few Silver Stripe Sedges and Midges. Whether the fish come up to feed or not depends on the day and location and a little lady luck, but you should be able to get them on nymphs most days.

Bull Trout fishing is still active, it seems like the bigger fish have gone back to the lake leaving the resident fish to do battle with now. Nothing wrong with that! Streamers are good, although if you want to try another way I always like a #10 or #12 Red Ice Cream Cone (like you use at Crane Prairie in the Summer) under an indicator. Probably best to get there early, but with these darker days in the forecast I doubt it makes much difference. I think rainy days are great for catching BT’s on the Metolius.


Fall River fishing report 2/15/17

Mixed reviews: we had 3 employees fishing out here in the last 5 days and fishing was slow 2 of the days and fair one day. When the BWO’s are hatching you may find fish rising. One thing we are noticing is a lower population of fish again (like in winters past) although not like it was 3 or 4 years ago.

Access is still tough with the snow on the banks, it is hard getting in and out of the river in many places.
You can drive to the Tubes/Falls but in a high clearance vehicle with 4×4.

Midge and BWO patterns are best on top and as nymphs.

Crooked River 2/1/17

The conditions are good with the water staying at a great flow this winter. Snow on the bank and parking areas is still there but it has become much easier to navigate and you can park pretty much anywhere now.

Drop Shot nymphing is by far the best way to go, and use either a FTB Sighter (indicator) or NZ Yarn indicators. The take is S-O-F-T.
Fishing is Fair, with a few better days mixed in.

The fish are eating mostly Black Thread Midges or Zebra Midges. Scuds, Small Hares Ears, Micro Mayflies and Prince Nymphs are good choices for the next several weeks.

There have been some midges hatching and fish looking up and rising once in a while. You will have more success focusing on Nymphs. On our last report we talked about BWO’s coming off. Lately there have been none and I don’t think there really will be until maybe late Feb or early to mid-March.

Metolius River fishing report 2/1/17

We had a skiff of fresh snow overnight and they are saying maybe another 6 to 8 inches coming for the rest of the week. This doesn’t make it any easier to get around in an already really snowy place. Next week looks warmer and with some rain moving through I’m hopeful it will help melt some of the snow and ice accumulating on the roads and parking areas.

Overall, even with all the crappy winter weather the fishing has been good. There is a consistent BWO hatch around 1. Could be a bit earlier but I’d say most days 1 to 2 is when to look for risers.
This week the Silver Stripe Sedge hatch was good, also Little Black Stoneflies are coming out in good numbers. You’ll see them crawling on the snow covered banks. Never a bad choice to try both of those patterns to see if you can conjure the odd fish just looking for something to rise to. You’ve been on the water when the fish just randomly ┬árise to something…worth a few casts with these bugs: #14 Orange Elk Hair Caddis, and #16-18 Black Elk Hair but trim all the hackle off the bottom and sides.

Good nymph fishing. Stonefly nymphs, red lightning bugs, blue prince, jig’s, 2 bit hookers, tan caddis pupa, october caddis pupa, bloody mary are all patterns we’ve recently had success on.

Bull Trout fishing is still ok. I’d say nymphing with a Red Chironomid #10-12 is the best fly now. They are still hitting streamers but in the middle of winter that Red Ice Cream Cone is often the one that out fishes all others.

Fall River fishing report 2/1/17

More snow on the horizon for the next few days, and that doesn’t help access to our favorite Southern (County) Spring Creek. Next week looks warmer and it appears the snow will change to rain. I like those days for BWO hatches.

Access is pretty limited at the moment to the Fish Hatchery although I’ve heard a few brave souls 4×4’ing down the the Tubes.

Fish populations appear good. Afternoon BWO and Midge hatches have been bringing fish to the surface. You want 7x fluorocarbon for tippet! We have 8x too when they get extra picky on small midges. I use it. It’s fun and it helps.

Nymphing with Eggs, Micro May’s, 2 Bit Hookers and small Silver Lightning Bugs have been best.

Streamer fishing is fairly good in some places, with Rufus patterns on a Sink Tip catching some fish here and there. I also like a Black Lead Eye Wooly Bugger this time of year.

Go Falcon’s.

Crooked River fishing report 1/17/17

Crooked River access is tough with the snow on the side of the road and in the parking spots we normally use in the camp grounds. So that adds a little challenge to getting on the water but the river is clear and the fishing is pretty good.
One of the guys from the shop was there recently and had some nice nymph fishing and then a little dry fly session with BWO’s. I was surprised by the BWO hatch in January. It’s not totally unheard of, and years ago it was rocking’ in the winter with BWO’s but for quite a few years the January and February BWO hatch has been almost non-existent. Maybe with the higher water the river and the hatches are recovering?!!!
Let’s hope.

Other flies that are important are Zebra Midges, Mercury Midge, Copper John, 2 Bit Hooker, Micro Mayfly, Scuds, Hares Ear, PT’s.

Metolius River fishing report

The Metolius has been fishing well this month despite challenging weather and road conditions. Access is pretty limited to the Allingham Bridge area and the fish hatchery.

It got warm and it rained here yesterday and overnight with a little more on the way. I am watching the gauge but so far the river has shown no signs of rising. The Roads are breaking up and are a mess today. Hope the plow can hit it hard by time it freezes up tonight.

There have been good BWO hatches about 1 PM. Fish have responded well to the hatch.

Nymphing is good. 2 Bit Hookers and Zebra Midges seem to be our best winter flies at the moment.

Bull Trout are still hitting big streamers. It seems to me there are more BT’s in the system this winter then I remember. Often they get off the streamers and on little red nymphs in the winter but so far they want to eat meat.

Fall River fishing report 1/17/17

I had a customer in yesterday who made it to the tubes. He didn’t make it out. Truck got stuck in the second parking area. He said fishing was good on PT Nymphs and Eggs.

With the big thaw overnight and the rain, it made the roads soft and slushy. I would not go to the Tubes for a bit if it was me. I’d go to the hatchery and access the river through there. Roads are plowed into the hatchery.

There have been some good afternoon BWO hatches about 1 or so. Fish are loving the KD Dun on 7x.