Info on Crooked River for 11/2/18

The Bureau of Reclamation will have a dive team inspecting the Bowman Dam for one day on 11/2/18 and will reduce flows to 25 cfs for the day.

I’d recommend not fishing the river on 11/2/18 but should be fine again for the weekend.

Whitefish are beginning to show signs of pre spawn. Fat, heavy egg layers will get busy soon. It’s a fun time to fish the Crooked with egg flies in November.

Zebra Midges, Thread Midges and small Blue Wing Olive nymphs are excellent too. Always worth your while to try a scud as well.

Lower Deschutes Fishing Report 10/25/18

Our guides are having a ball on the Lower D. Not many Steelhead, but a few mixed in with all the Rainbows, Whitefish and occasional Bull Trout we are catching.
Nymphing is the hottest for us right now. We’re picking a lot of fish up on Pheasant Tails, Sparkle Pupa’s, Lightning Bugs, 3 Dollar Dips, Wired Stones, Jigs, Perdigons, October Caddis Pupa and Girdle Bugs.
There have been fish up on dries, mostly sippers to BWO’s and small tan caddis.

We’ve been using Trout Spey’s and Sculpins and having a blast with that.

On the Steelhead Specific part of the conversation, we are getting a few fish swinging. Purple flies down deep are your best bets, but small swung flies like a Green Butt Skunk, Euphoria or Freight Train will certainly move fish on a dry line still.
The old standby of a Double Bead Peacock with a Steelhead Lighting Bug is always a solid choice there!

Crooked River fishing report 10/25/18

The Crooked is fishing well, but please keep in mind that at 60 cubic feet per second the fish are kegged up and vulnerable to getting caught a lot.
Know when to say I got enough, I can give them a break. In other words, don’t be a fish hog and catch 100 fish a day. I think when the river is under a 100 cfs, we have a responsibility to be even better stewards of the river and the fish.
Each afternoon the BWO and still some PMD’s are hatching and the fish are rising well to the surface.
Nymphing with small BWO and Midge Nymphs is very good. Scuds and Sow Bugs are also a good bet.
Haven’t seen the beginning of the Whitefish spawn yet, but in the next week or 2 that will go hard and Eggs will be great.

Metolius River fishing report 10/25/18

Fishing is very good on the entire river, with dries and nymphs for trout and big streamers for Bully’s.
In the upper river from the Headwater stretch down to the Gorge here are good hatches of Caddis, October Caddis, PMD, BWO (#1), a few Mahogany Duns and at this point the Golden Stones are Kaput.
The Middle & Lower River is all the same but with even better hatches and dry fly action.
BWO’s and PMD’s and little Tan Caddis dries are the smack down patterns mostly.
Eggs are an obvious great choice as a nymph tied behind an October Caddis Pupa, Stonefly Nymph, or even a heavy PT, Copper John or Lightning Bug.

Bull Trout seem really full of Kokanee. From my close BT friends, they have seen a slow down in catches. Soon enough the Kokanee will be done and those fish will be on the hunt. Stay tuned.

Fall River fishing report 10/25/18

Fall River continues to be quite good with both nymphs and dries taking a good number of fish.
There are a lot of large brood stock rainbows ODFW put in that people are catching. Those fish are getting hammered now after a month of being stocked. thats good, bad, fine…whatever. Just handle them with love and respect and fight them fast and hard to swim another day.
There are very good afternoon BWO hatches and some straggler PMD’s, midges and I know a few days ago I had a customer who caught some good fish on an ant.

Euro Nymphing is quite effective using a single Tungsten Bead nymph on 6x or 7x fluorocarbon tippet under a sighter.

This is a great time of year to catch Brook Trout and Small Browns. Fun little wild guys we love.

Lower Deschutes fishing report 10/3/18

More steelhead are being found and caught on the Warm Springs to South Jct area now. Many are actually coming to a swung fly too, which is very exciting.

We’ve been having good trout days on Oct Caddis Pupa, Stonefly nymphs and small mayfly and caddis droppers.

If it’s warmer and not blowing much in the evening, there are still fish looking up on X Caddis and Purple Haze.

This time of year (and in the Spring) swinging Sculpins is really fun. Steelhead will eat them too. Get your 5 weight Spey (or switch) and go have a ball.

Three Creeks Lake report 10/3/18

It’s getting cold up on the lake at 6500 feet, so water temps are getting down there, but the fish are still active on the shorelines and out to about 10-12′ off shore.
Stripping Leeches and Micky Finns has been taking some great fish. Look for water boatman and scuds to be productive. Soft Hackles are also a good bet. I love Orange or Purple Soft Hackles this time of year stripped on a Hover with 5x Fluorocarbon.

I wouldn’t expect many risers, but a Griffits Gnat or Suspender Pupa will get fish when they are looking up.

Lakes Fishing Report 10/3/18

October is tough to call the reports on the lakes. Weather changes fast, as do conditions. I haven’t been to East in a couple of weeks due to a few things going on, but I’ve talked to some customers who’ve been and overall I’m hearing its kind of slow up there.
Kokanee are spawning so egg patterns under an indicator can work wonders.
I love streamers in the fall along the shore lines this time of year. A Brown Rufus is a great fly at East Lake in October.
I’ve had great beetle fishing in October in years past.

I was at Hosmer a few days ago and had very good fishing on small streamers and water boatman.

Crane has been good, especially with Balanced Leeches in the Deschutes Channel. Quinn over to Rock Creek is always a favorite area in the Fall for me. Look for Water Boatman taking flight in the fall. Stripping Hale Bopp Leeches and Rufus patterns on a Hover is a great way to pick up some big rainbows over there.

Lava is a great Fall lake. Streamers and leeches are great on type 3 and intermediate lines.

North Twin is a good lake now with the recent stocking of brooders. Troll or Strip Buggers on an Intermediate in 8 to 15 feet of water off the shoreline.

South Twin is also a fun lake for tubers, and is protected from the wind the bigger lakes get on changeable weather times.

If I had a week to fish everyday I’d do all of those and be a very happy boy.

PS- Clear Lake on the McKenzie Pass is awesome for Brookies right now. Buggers and Micky Finns are picking up a lot of nice fish.

Metolius River fishing report 10/3/18

The September madness is over but with the good weather the trend is still great on the Metolius.
I’d guess we will see Drakes for another few days. Boy oh Boy, was the September Drake hatch phenomenal this year.
PMD’s, BWO’s and Mahogany Duns will continue to be important for the rest of October.
This time of year Tan CDC Caddis and either a Missing Link or Iris Caddis will also be a great bet at the surface.
We are still getting some fish on Clarks Stones. This time of year they imitate the straggler Golden Stones BUT ALSO October Caddis adults.
Speaking of Oct Caddis the Pupa is important from now, all fall, all winter and into the Spring. The Metolius is an October Caddis factory!

We’ve been having good luck on small mayfly nymphs, Zebra Midges and Golden Stones. Also lightning bugs, Jigs, and Red Copper Johns.
With all the Kokanee spawning, EGG’S are quite good as a dropper.

Bull Trout Fishing is excellent on big streamers.

We love October on our river!