Metolius River report 3/25/17

The River is still high, although it has cleared considerably. I prefer to fish the Metolius at levels under 1700 or 1800 but it is up at 2300 cfs. That is rolling. Despite the higher water, fish are being caught, with some dry fly action and nymphing in the eddies, and along the softer ledges.
Bull Trout fishing has been pretty good on big white streamers.

I would put it on the list to go for Spring Break.

Remember it is still closed above Allingham Bridge. It’s tempting to go up there, because the best water conditions are there, but don’t. It’s against the law and this is the spewing grounds for our wild stock and they don’t need the pressure or abuse of wading anglers on their beds.

Fall River report 3/25/17

It is the best game in town and it is crowded. With the Spring Creek, and no outside influences of tributary creeks the river is the only one in Central Oregon not plagued by very high water. On top of that, ODFW stocked it for the 1st time in 2017 this week and the fishing is good. BWO, Midges and some Caddis on top, and small Eggs and Micro Mayfly or Zebra Midge Patterns down under.
Still some snow on the banks but it is mostly gone now and access is much easier.

Middle Deschutes Report 3/17/17

The water came up a bit more yesterday (over 700 now) but this week the little black stones and midge hatches have been strong and good dry fly fishing from noon to 2 each day. It is tricky wading, with most of us staying out of the currents and just on the edges.

It is good from Meadow Camp to Bend where you’ll find the best water levels. Bend to LBC is much higher but probably better fishing.

Metolius River report 3/17/17

The Met is pretty darn high. I have not been fishing it but I get reports pretty much every day and even with the high water people are catching fish.
Big Golden Stone nymphs have been producing fish.

Look, the water is changing every day. It is tough to say what it will be like tomorrow, but so far with folks still catching fish, I recommend going even though the river is up to 2400 cfs (avg is 1400).

Middle Deschutes Report 3/13/17

From the area just upstream of Bend down thru town and into Tumalo and Lower Bridge there is some fishing to be had. Above town the water is pretty low, and below town (Bend) the water is pretty high at the moment.

We are seeing some Skawlas and Little Black Stones out and fish taking both on the surface mid day.

Nymphing with heavy nymphs is an option. If you are below Bend, most of the river is pretty unwadable, so you’ll find yourself wading thru flooded grasses and cat tails to the edge of the river and that’s as far as you should go. Fish the edges. Thats where the food is and that’s where the trout are and that’s also the safe place to be in the water for now.

We are about a month or less from irrigation season which draws the water to great fishable levels in a hurry. It’s also the time the March Browns really begin hatching.

Metolius River fishing report 3/13/17

The water is a little high and slightly off color from runoff. Fishing conditions from Allingham to Gorge are the best, once you get below Jack Creek and Canyon Creek the river gets rolling pretty good.
One thing we’ve seen over the years though is that the Bull Trout bite well and move to the fly in high water, so at 2150 CFS (todays flow) I’d tell you the Bull Trout fishing opportunity around the hatchery is good.

Heavy stonefly nymphs are working best, with a trailer of a Red Lightning Bug or Egg.

BWO’s are hatching along with a few species of Caddis and some tiny winter stoneflies. Dry Fly Fishing is slow. I’d stick with nymphs and streamers.