Crooked is too high 2/17/17

The latest:


Prineville Reservoir discharges will increase from 600 cfs to 1,000 cfs (two-200cfs increases) today based on the current reservoir inflow. We are currently 4kaf below the flood curve with current inflows at approximately 3,300 cfs. Conditions and forecasts will continue to be monitored and adjustment made to discharge as necessary.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Chris Runyan, P.E.

River and Reservoir Operations

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

PN Regional Office

1150 N. Curtis Ave.

Boise, ID 83706


Crooked River fishing report 2/15/17

The water is running a little high, at 386 cfs. Normal winter flow is about 80 cfs, normal summer flow 250’ish. It is fishable. I probably wouldn’t try to wade across it myself, but I’d work the edges.
Scuds and Zebra Midges are working, but in higher water it is never a bad choice to swing or dead drift an olive or black leech pattern.
From what I am hearing, fishing is slow to fair for most anglers.
Drop Shot, Czech nymph/sighters, Palsa or NZ indicators and Zebra Midges are your best keys to higher numbers of landed fish. #respect whitefish.

There have been no real BWO hatches to speak of, and a few good midge hatches but nothing really getting the fish to look up when feeding quite yet. We need some warm days I think to get that going and right now there is nothing in the 10 day forecast that looks like the trend will change.
The March forecast is interesting though. Forecasters are calling for the shift of the La Nina current to go south moderating the Pacific NW temps and maybe going to slightly above average temperatures. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too warm and cause rapid melt and big runoff though. We’ll keep an eye on that.

Crooked River 2/1/17

The conditions are good with the water staying at a great flow this winter. Snow on the bank and parking areas is still there but it has become much easier to navigate and you can park pretty much anywhere now.

Drop Shot nymphing is by far the best way to go, and use either a FTB Sighter (indicator) or NZ Yarn indicators. The take is S-O-F-T.
Fishing is Fair, with a few better days mixed in.

The fish are eating mostly Black Thread Midges or Zebra Midges. Scuds, Small Hares Ears, Micro Mayflies and Prince Nymphs are good choices for the next several weeks.

There have been some midges hatching and fish looking up and rising once in a while. You will have more success focusing on Nymphs. On our last report we talked about BWO’s coming off. Lately there have been none and I don’t think there really will be until maybe late Feb or early to mid-March.

Crooked River fishing report 1/17/17

Crooked River access is tough with the snow on the side of the road and in the parking spots we normally use in the camp grounds. So that adds a little challenge to getting on the water but the river is clear and the fishing is pretty good.
One of the guys from the shop was there recently and had some nice nymph fishing and then a little dry fly session with BWO’s. I was surprised by the BWO hatch in January. It’s not totally unheard of, and years ago it was rocking’ in the winter with BWO’s but for quite a few years the January and February BWO hatch has been almost non-existent. Maybe with the higher water the river and the hatches are recovering?!!!
Let’s hope.

Other flies that are important are Zebra Midges, Mercury Midge, Copper John, 2 Bit Hooker, Micro Mayfly, Scuds, Hares Ear, PT’s.

Crooked River fishing report 12/13/16

The water level agreement between environmental groups and the BOR/Irrigation Companies has been very positive, keeping the flow up at 84 to 85 cfs this winter. The fish are much healthier and safer because of this. As anglers, we appreciate the collaborative efforts it takes to get to this level.

Fishing has been good. The water is cold, but the fish are eating Eggs and Midges.

Keep in mind going into the next week we have some very cold weather coming. It may begin to freeze the river. Last year it would have because there wasnt enough flow to push out the ice, but this year it may need to get colder for longer. We will see…
If it freezes, the spring creeks (Fall and Metolius) don’t freeze.


Crooked River fishing report 11/12/16

Plenty of smaller rainbows showing up, with a few big ones coming to the net. Whitefish are huge, pre spawn and are a great catch. I don’t know for sure if the Whitefish are spawning quite yet, but its not a bad idea to start fishing small eggs along with small mayfly nymphs and zebra midges.

There are a few fish rising to midges and BWO’s but it is mostly a nymph game now.

I always say this, but you’ll catch more fish setting up your nymph rig with a NZ Wool Yarn Indicator or small Loon Yarn Indicator or even a Palsa Stick-On than you will with a Bobber. Fish are sipping lightly, and the 3 indicators I mentioned will detect a light strike way better.
Also, consider setting your weight at the bottom, drop shot style. Point of Contact puts it on the bottom and you’ll get more fish.