Crooked River fishing report 8/10/18

The Crooked is another river holding up well for us. Plenty of cold water spilling from the bottom of the dam makes for great habitat for the first 10 miles or so downstream.

Anyway, the fishing is good to very good, especially nymphing with Euro Nymph techniques.
Afternoon hatches of PMD’s are bringing a lot of fish to the surface for Dries!


Crooked River fishing report 7/20/18

Great to see afternoon PMD’s improving the afternoon dry fly fishing. In the evening caddis and rusty spinners are really good.
We continue to kick butt with Euro Nymphing fishing small mayfly nymphs primarily .
PT’s, Micro May, 2 Bit Hooker, Perdigons, Euro Jigs, Rainbow Warriors, Ray Charles, Scuds and Zebra Midges are productive.

Crooked River fishing report 7/10/18

Fishing is great especially on small nymphs like Zebra Midges, Micro Mayflies, Frenchie’s and Perdigons.
Some fish coming up in the afternoon especially as the shadows begin to creep over the water and even more so in the evening. Purple Haze or Comparaduns have been great. We’ve also done well on X Caddis, Adams, Renegades and small Hoppers, and Rusty Spinners at dusk.

Do you know how to Euro Nymph? Come take a guide trip with us and we will teach you! It’s the best.

Crooked River fishing report 6/29/18

Euro Nymphing!
It’s so good.
If not Euro, then use a light yarn indicator for better strike detection.
Euro style Perdigons, Frenchies, Micro Mayflies, PT, Zebra Midge, Scuds, Cased Caddis and Psycho Prince have been great for us.

There have been some Mahogany Mayflies and PMD’s coming off. At dusk there are Rusty Spinners that are bringing a lot of trout to the surface.
It can be fun and productive to fish Royal Wulff, Renegade and Purple Haze as attractors anytime of the day.

Crooked River fishing report 6/22/18

ODFW is doing their electro shocking survey this week so that isn’t super great for the fishing. It will be done Thursday and will bounce back.

We’ve been doing really well on Nymphs. Micro Mayfly, Euro Jig, Frenchie, Zebra Midges, PT and Anato May’s.

On top Renegades, Purple Haze, Comparaduns, Upright Rusty Spinners and Adams have been productive.

Crooked River fishing report 6/4/18

Plenty of great nymphing going on now that the Mother’s Day Caddis seem like they are through until next spring. Oh sure, there are a few mayflies and caddis bringing up fish to the top but not the intense dry fly action we saw with the major caddis hatch.
We’ve been crushing it with Euro Nymphing using 2 Bit Hookers, Jigs, Perdigon’s, Zebra Midges, Thread Midges and Scuds.
For Dries, Purple Comparaduns, Upright Rusty Spinner, Parachute Adams and Renegades are working well for us.

Crooked River fishing report 5/22/18

We are still seeing a lot of Mother’s Day Caddis and the fish are still loving them.
Mixed in with the caddis are BWO’s, Midges and a few PMD’s.
So with all these hatches there has been a lot of dry fly action, but nymph fishing is still the most productive for most of the day. With all the caddis hatching the caddis pupa patterns have been rocking it. Other nymphs we’ve had great luck with lately are micro mayflies, zebra midges, scuds, 2 bit hookers, and soft hackles.

Crooked River fishing report 5/11/18

Our guides have had good days on the Crooked this week, mostly on Mother’s Day Caddis pupa and a Black Elk Hair Caddis. Most days the hatch is very strong and you will see a LOT of caddis in the air. Good times!
Midges, BWO’s and Scuds are certainly on the menu. We’ve been smacking fish Euro nymphing with Micro May’s, 2 Bit Hookers and Frenchies plus Zebra’s and Ray Charles.

Crooked River fishing report 4/26/18

The river is almost to full summer flow, running about 215 cfs today. Hard to say with a low snow pack if they plan to take it up to 240-280 eventually or if they plan to conserve water over the summer.
In any event it is in good condition and the river is fishing really well for trout and whitefish.
We had several calls this week with people freaking out that 200 is too high to fish. Hell no. That is a low flow for summer/irrigation season. So I am not sure where the misinformation is coming from but it’s good.

The massive BWO hatches are over, but there are still BWO’s hatching.
It won’t be long and the massive mothers day caddis hatches will be going strong. Maybe next week it will start? Maybe the week after.
We’ve been using zebra midges, micro mayflies, skinny nelson, frenchie and flashback PT cdc with 2 tungsten beads on a sighter system or with a NZ indicator rig on 6x fluoro.