We wish we had a spring like this when its actually spring!

Here it is, mid-winter really and we have no snow and day after day ranging from the high 40’s to mid 60’s. Oh, there have been a few days with wind, and some clouds but it really truly feels like the best spring we ever had around here.
This means fishing.
Metolius is very good. Afternoon BWO’s, Later afternoon caddis and some midges are bringing fish up to the top. It’s not mid summer dry fishing but its good for this time of year.
Nymphing, including swinging soft hackles has been good too. All the usual nymphs like golden stones, lightning bugs, copper john, psycho prince, zebra midge, micro may’s, 2 bit hookers and frenchies have resulted in fish on moments lately. Swinging with a Graphic Caddis, Stalcup’s Caddis and PT Soft Hackle has been good later in the day.

Crooked is good on small nymphs with some later afternoon midge hatches bringing fish up to the top. Zebra Midges, Skinny Nelson, Micro Mayfly, Frenchie, Midge Winkler, Griffiths Gnat, Parachute Adams #20 and Purple Haze #18-20

Fall River is interesting with how good the morning dry fly fishing is with tiny little black stones. Then is moves to BWO’s about 1:00 and midges usually about 3 or 4.
7x tippet is highly recommended.
The only nymphs we’ve found the fish really interested in are the brown micro mayfly and red zebra midge. I’m sure there are others, but for us those have been the best.

Longhollow Ranch (private lake access) is open and we are running a $100 special for all day from 9 am to 4 pm (or a little later if you want). 30 minutes from Sisters and plenty of nice rainbows to give you a tug! Typical desert lake flies, leeches, chironomids, scuds and water boatman.

Crooked River report 11/2/17

yesterday the BWO hatch was strong in the heavy wind and today not as much, but today the midges turned on later afternoon and the fish came up on them like crazy.

the whitey spawn is just beginning so you need to be fishing small light colored eggs and we recommend doing that on a drop shot set up.

micro may’s, zebra’s, ray charles, skinny nelson’s and frenchie’s are all hot nymphs to run under a sighter or NZ indicator.

Crooked River fishing report 10/24/17

Fricken’ great dry fly fishing in the afternoon. BWO’s mostly but still a few small #18 PMD’s too.

Nymphs in the morning and before or between hatches. WD 40 and Skinny Nelson’s have been good with the water dropping. We still like the heavier Micro Mayflies and 2 Bit Hookers but in some runs they are too heavy so you need a few lighter weighted patterns too.

We are very close to the whitefish spawn so get ready for amazing October fishing with eggs. It’s one of my favorite things to do in November is to use my 10′ 2 weight Echo Shadow Rod and fish eggs behind the spawners. Crazy fun.

Crooked River fishing report 10/12/17

The Crooked is coming in to Fall Flows down to 104 cfs today which is less than half of the 240 to 260 it ran for the summer.
We love Fall/Winter flows and the fishing conditions it brings. Fishing is very, very good now.

Yesterday the BWO hatch was strong with 4 hours of dry fly action mid day. When the fish aren’t looking up go after them with a Micro Mayfly or 2 Bit Hooker (BWO Color) Frenchie and PMD Split Case.
No whitefish eggs yet… but in about 2 or 3 more weeks that will be HOT. We got the pattern so make sure to come see us for that.

We have great guides to help you really fish the Crooked to its fullest potential. Give Steve, Troy, Ben, Mary Ann and Adam a call here at the shop and get booked for a super trip here in the next month or so before winter sets in.


Crooked River report 9/15/17

Fish are looking up more and more which is finally giving us some better dry fly days late season.
BWO’s, PMD’s and Mahogany Duns are all hatching. I had a customer who hammered them on a Purple Comparadun a few days ago.
Still great nymph action on Micro Mayflies, Frenchies, Zebra Midges and Jigs have been excellent.

Crooked River fishing report 8/15/17

I went out there to “verify” all the good reports the guides have been giving me a few days ago. I guess guides don’t lie (too much) after all.
Amazing Euro Nymphing on Micro Mayflies and Zebra Midges.
In the evening you have a better chance with dries (PMD, BWO, X Caddis, Midges) but most of the day you should plan to set up with either a Czech Rig or New Zealand Wool rig and you should get ’em too.

Cold Water in the Crooked River + Good Fishing 8/1/17

Crooked River July 2017

Did you realize that even though the Crooked River is out in the desert, the water is very cold coming out of the reservoir and down the river. It is what makes the Crooked so special and keeps the trout and whitefish healthy in the summer when we get these hot spells.
Check out the family in the photo below. They enjoyed time on the water with our guides Ben and Adam yesterday and beat the heat by wading wet. Check out this article on the best way to approach wet wading.

We’ve had exceptional fishing on the Crooked lately. It’s a Euro Nymph paradise, and if that isn’t your think try a NZ Yarn Indicator with a couple of nymphs and a split shot and go for it. It’s all good.

Not much dry fly action until evening but when the sun fades and it gets a bit cooler expect to see PMD’s, BWO’s Mahogany Duns, Rusty Spinners and Caddis.

I recommend Hoppers too! It is uncommon, but in August over the years I have pulled fish from some really interesting places when fishing a hopper.


Crooked River fishing report 7/19/17

Fishing the Crooked from the Dam down to about Mile Post 12 is very good. During the day there is little opportunity for dry fly fishing, so we’ve been hitting them hard with a Czech Nymph system usually with a Frenchie and a Baetis nymph dropper.
Running it drop shot style is the most effective.

In the late afternoon and improving evening hatches you can find fish taking Mahogany Duns and PMD’s, X Caddis and Renegades.

Crooked River fishing report 7/4/17

Man we’ve been having really good nymphing days on the Crooked with all of our guides pretty much sticking to sightline/euro style leaders on short casts using Frenchies, Zebra’s, Psycho Prince, Micro Mayfly (especially the BWO color) and our new Double Bead CDC Flashback PT.

Some fish up on top to Renegades, Adams, Parachute Rusty Spinner, PMD, BWO and X Caddis. Look for rising fish in the late afternoon and evening.

Crooked River fishing report 6/22/17

Our guides have been reporting very good catches of both trout and whitefish, mostly on small nymphs on a tight line/euro nymph rig.

Frenchies, Zebra Midge and our New PMD or BWO Micro Mayfly nymph patterns have all been hot.

Some fish up on the top with Parachute Adams and Rusty Parachutes picking up the most. Renegade’s and smaller Hoppers are recommended now too. Both can be used a nice indicator fly too.