Fall River fishing report 10/12/17

It’s my favorite time of the year on the Fall River. BWO hatches are strong, mixed with a few of the last PMD’s of the season (until next April or May) and some small Caddis and possibly numerous midges.
Fish populations have been good, and  fishing is quite good for us on a combination of nymphs & dries.
Micro Mayflies, Frenchies, Jigs, Eggs, KD Dun, Knock Down Dun, Klinkhammer, Film Critic and Smoke Jumpers have been great, and fish are still looking for ants and beetles on top too.

Our guides Steve Erickson, Troy Leedy, Ben Kittell, Mary Ann Dozer and Adam Ross are all experts on the Fall River and can enhance your experience out on the water. Give us a call at (541)549-3474 if you want to book a trip.


Fall River fishing report 8/1/17

ODFW has been really good with the fish stocking this summer and we are seeing good numbers of fish, especially from the hatchery to the falls.

Nymphing with heavy little flies like a 2 Bit Hooker, Jig, Tungsten Micro May and Zebra Midges has been our best bet.

There are fish rising to various hatches, including PMD’s, Caddis (Olive Elk Hair and Henryville are awesome), Midges and of course Ants are a great bet on the Fall too.

Fall River fishing report 7/19/17

Our guides are out on the Fall on a regular basis and reporting good fishing conditions. We are catching fish mostly on nymphs fished deep. Flies like a Frenchie, Tungsten Micro May, Zebra Midge and PMD Split Case Emerger have been productive.

On top, Ant’s and Beetles, PMD, Olive Elk Hair Caddis, Henryville Caddis, Yellow Sally and a late evening Rusty Spinner.

One often overlooked method to pick up fish is a short, heavy sink tip (like 5 or 6 feet of T10) and a small streamer, especially a brightly colored Rufus.


Fall River report 6/14/17

I was out on the Fall monday and fishing was decent. We did best on nymphs even though for most of the day the PMD hatch was fairly consistent, the fish just weren’t interested in them much. But they did like a Frenchie and a PMD Micro Mayfly.

About 3 there were a fair number of Drakes hatching and the fish looked up for them.

Still seems to be a low population of trout in the Fall River. I think ODFW needs to pay more attention to this issue and if you do as well please write the Bend ODFW Office.
I’ve been fishing the Fall River for nearly 40 years and I’ve not ever seen such low trout numbers, not to mention zero whitefish. We used to target whitefish below the falls. I see none these days. That seems strange. I encourage ODFW to figure out what the hell is going on.
I have suggested going to ODFW they go to a Catch & Release regulation there. It goes on deaf ears. They don’t think the public will accept the change. I say if fish populations are low, then let’s protect every single fish we can. No sense in someone putting a fish in the frying pan (or worse, the freezer) when more than one angler can enjoy the opportunity in trying to catch him too.

Fall River report 5/17/17

PMD hatches are improving on the Fall and the first Drakes of the season can’t be far behind. Along with these, Ants, Caddis, Blue Wing Olives and even the 1st Yellow Sally’s of the season are out.

We had a good week since ODFW stocked it again last week. We’ve had our best luck on Frenchie’s, 2 Bit Hookers and Jigs.


Fall River report 4/21/17

With opening day on most trout waters beginning Saturday 4/22 maybe a little pressure will come off the Fall River? Who knows for sure, as it is also Free Fishing Weekend in Oregon, so they might come out of the woodwork.

There have been good BWO hatches in the afternoon from about 11 to 2. You are likely to see some March Browns, Midges and Small Dark Caddis that could very well bring fish to the dry fly too.

Good nymphing throughout the day. Zebra Midges and Micro Mayflies off the back of an egg or rubber legs is a really good set up, and with ODFW on their 2nd stocking this week the hatchery fish are usually attracted to the Pink Rufus (ideally fished on a sink tip).


Fall River fishing report 4/13/17

Blue Winged Olive hatches are pretty strong, along with midges, dark caddis and a few march browns showing up too. Dry fly fishing is good.

Nymphing is good too, with eggs and rainbow warriors (in combo) or 2 Bit Hookers and Zebra Midges (in combo).

Access is good all over the river. ODFW stocking has begun and will continue every 2 or 3 weeks until September. Always good for the Fall River.

Fall River fishing report 4/3/17

It is a perfect day in Central Oregon and the week ahead looks pretty nice. Today is a crisp spring day with frost on the windshield this morning.
The forecast for the week is good, with some warm 60’s coming mid-week.

BWO, Caddis and Midges are on the menu, both on the surface and under. Zebra Midges and Micro Mayflies trailed off an Egg have been really good when the fish are not rising.

Snow is largely gone, you can get all over the river now.

Fall River report 3/25/17

It is the best game in town and it is crowded. With the Spring Creek, and no outside influences of tributary creeks the river is the only one in Central Oregon not plagued by very high water. On top of that, ODFW stocked it for the 1st time in 2017 this week and the fishing is good. BWO, Midges and some Caddis on top, and small Eggs and Micro Mayfly or Zebra Midge Patterns down under.
Still some snow on the banks but it is mostly gone now and access is much easier.