Fall River fishing report 6/20/18

The Fall has been fishing really well. ODFW and Mother Nature have both helped this, with plenty of stocked Rainbows and a good mix of Browns and Brookies.

We’ve been doing well Euro Nymphing with Perdigons and Euro Jigs, Frenchies and Rainbow Warriors.
On top there have been good PMD hatches, Yellow Sally’s, a few Drakes and some Caddis. Ants and Beetles have been good along the grassy banks too.

Fall River fishing report 4/26/18

With the warmth the last few days things are picking up with new hatches and more terrestrials. PMD’s have started to pop, some flying ants are showing (but I believe it will be the NEXT warm spell they really fly), ant’s, beetles, caddis and still some March Browns and BWO’s and Midges.
All that said, they don’t rise all day and there won’t be rising fish all day either. Look for risers mid day and again in the evening.
The rest of the time hit ’em on the head with small, heavy weight nymphs.

Fall River fishing report 4/20/18

There are a lot of fish in the system, mostly thanks to ODFW keeping up with the stocking over the winter.

There have been really good BWO hatches, some March Brown’s, Midges and a few Caddis mixed in. It won’t be long and we will be full on into the PMD season for summer so be ready for that.
Ant patterns are also beginning to get attention along the grassy banks.

Nymphing has been strong with 2 Bit Hookers, Micro Mayflies, Zebra Midges, Frenchies and Eggs.

I’d rate the Fall as a strong bet for now and throughout the season with ODFW managing it so well. Yep, lots of the fish are stockers (not all) but its better than no fish like it was a couple of years ago.


We wish we had a spring like this when its actually spring!

Here it is, mid-winter really and we have no snow and day after day ranging from the high 40’s to mid 60’s. Oh, there have been a few days with wind, and some clouds but it really truly feels like the best spring we ever had around here.
This means fishing.
Metolius is very good. Afternoon BWO’s, Later afternoon caddis and some midges are bringing fish up to the top. It’s not mid summer dry fishing but its good for this time of year.
Nymphing, including swinging soft hackles has been good too. All the usual nymphs like golden stones, lightning bugs, copper john, psycho prince, zebra midge, micro may’s, 2 bit hookers and frenchies have resulted in fish on moments lately. Swinging with a Graphic Caddis, Stalcup’s Caddis and PT Soft Hackle has been good later in the day.

Crooked is good on small nymphs with some later afternoon midge hatches bringing fish up to the top. Zebra Midges, Skinny Nelson, Micro Mayfly, Frenchie, Midge Winkler, Griffiths Gnat, Parachute Adams #20 and Purple Haze #18-20

Fall River is interesting with how good the morning dry fly fishing is with tiny little black stones. Then is moves to BWO’s about 1:00 and midges usually about 3 or 4.
7x tippet is highly recommended.
The only nymphs we’ve found the fish really interested in are the brown micro mayfly and red zebra midge. I’m sure there are others, but for us those have been the best.

Longhollow Ranch (private lake access) is open and we are running a $100 special for all day from 9 am to 4 pm (or a little later if you want). 30 minutes from Sisters and plenty of nice rainbows to give you a tug! Typical desert lake flies, leeches, chironomids, scuds and water boatman.

Thanksgiving Week Fishing Prospects in Central Oregon

It looks like we have a warm week coming up, which might change your plans from Skiing (skiing in the rain sucks!) to fishing. We have guides on the Lower D today and just got a text it was good today.
Fish are on Stonefly Nymphs with an Egg Dropper or Lightning Bug pretty well. I’d also recommend worm patterns.
We are getting trout and steelhead on pretty much the same set up.
Swinging for Steelhead is OK, we’ve seen the best results on sink tips and leeches.

The Metolius was fabulous over the weekend Czech nymphing Frenchie’s and Eggs. You could run those off a Golden Stone nymph or use some putty or shot to get down.
There have been decent to good BWO hatches. Some days the fish look up and some days they are sticking to the nymphs. Watch for risers but plan to get down.
Bull Trout fishing is pretty good now, with many of the fish still coming on big streamers like a Clark’s Rat or Candyman. If they don’t chase and eat white, go Black….or go early in the AM and nymph a big #10-12 red ice cream cone and egg.

Fall River is good, with BWO and Midge hatches from about noon to 3. I’d expect more fish rising on the Fall then the Met or Crooked. That said, excellent catches on our Lead Eyed Egg with a Red Zebra or Black 2 Bit Hooker trailed behind.

Crooked River Whitefish seem to be in full spawn mode now. Lots of eggs in the drift.
If you aren’t finding the spawning areas there won’t be many eggs in the drift, so go with a Micro Mayfly or Frenchie and run a Ray Charles as a tag.
I’ve had mixed reports on dries. Some guys are getting a few on top, but it is mostly nymphs now.
Don’t forget the tiny thread midge larva patterns and zebra midges. A midge winkler works well in the film or fished deep too. Go small on your midges from 20 to 26.

Fall River fishing report 11/2/17

still seeing very good BWO hatches and midges in the afternoon. These are bringing fish up to the top for sure. Fish are loving cripples and emergers and comparaduns and we strongly suggest going to a 7x tippet.

we’ve been hitting some good fish on streamers too. they love to chase it and a lot of times if you are moving it right, they eat it! we’ve got some streamers that are smaller and just right for the Fall River.

nymphing is great. one thing is the fish are sipping them pretty softly, so a yarn indicator like the NZ wool stuff or the Loon tip toppers is recommended. 2 Bit Hooker and a Frenchie is our #1 combo. Micro Mayfly, Zebra Midge, Eggs, Mr Peacock are definitely good under the indicator too. BTW, you can czech nymph these too and use a sighter instead of an indicator.

Fall River fishing report 10/24/17

Fall River made it through the weekend storm totally unscathed and is fishing super well with BWO’s. We love this little spring creek all year long, but especially in the fall.
Besides BWO’s there are a few PMD’s, Caddis, Midges and we still recommend an ant and beetle during the warm times in the afternoon.

Nymphs of BWO’s and PMD’s dropped off a heavy egg or Frenchie is a great bet when they aren’t coming up. Small Red Zebra Midge is also a hot October pattern.

Fall River fishing report 10/12/17

It’s my favorite time of the year on the Fall River. BWO hatches are strong, mixed with a few of the last PMD’s of the season (until next April or May) and some small Caddis and possibly numerous midges.
Fish populations have been good, and  fishing is quite good for us on a combination of nymphs & dries.
Micro Mayflies, Frenchies, Jigs, Eggs, KD Dun, Knock Down Dun, Klinkhammer, Film Critic and Smoke Jumpers have been great, and fish are still looking for ants and beetles on top too.

Our guides Steve Erickson, Troy Leedy, Ben Kittell, Mary Ann Dozer and Adam Ross are all experts on the Fall River and can enhance your experience out on the water. Give us a call at (541)549-3474 if you want to book a trip.


Fall River fishing report 8/15/17

Fall River has been a lot of fun and we love seeing improved populations of fish in there.
Everything from PMD’s to Hoppers right now, with great nymphing on small mayfly and midge patterns and fish looking up best to emergers and cripples on 6x and 7x tippets.


Fall River fishing report 8/1/17

ODFW has been really good with the fish stocking this summer and we are seeing good numbers of fish, especially from the hatchery to the falls.

Nymphing with heavy little flies like a 2 Bit Hooker, Jig, Tungsten Micro May and Zebra Midges has been our best bet.

There are fish rising to various hatches, including PMD’s, Caddis (Olive Elk Hair and Henryville are awesome), Midges and of course Ants are a great bet on the Fall too.