Fall River Fishing Report 9/6/18

Fall River continues to fish quite well with summer hatches going strong. We are seeing PMD’s, Caddis, Blue Wing Olive’s and Terrestrials (ants and hoppers especially).
The nymphing is awesome and I know I say it week after week but Euro Nymphs on that technique are what we are doing best on.

One thing that makes a huge difference on the Fall is going to 7x for your dries and your nymphs.

Fall River fishing report 8/24/18

We’ve had better than average fishing on the Fall River with most of our catches coming on nymphs. Every afternoon you’ll see PMD’s, Caddis, Ants, Beetles, Hoppers, a few BWO’s as we are getting cooler days now.
On nymphs the Zebra Midges have been awesome this week! Euro Nymphs, Micro Mayflies, PT’s and Split Case Emergers are our picks.

Speaking of Zebra Midges, check out the fish our guide Danny got Mike into yesterday!


Fall River fishing report 8/10/18

fishing continues to be very good in this crystal clear and cold as H#LL Spring Creek. The Spring Creeks are so great in this heat wave, because they hold up for safe water temperatures regardless of how hot it gets.
Plenty of PMD’s, BWO’s, small Caddis and Stone, Midges, Ants, Beetles and even some grass Hoppers around.
Very good Euro nymph action.
The Evening rise has been quite good.

Fall River fishing report 7/10/18

Fall River continues to be a good spot for us.
PMD hatches are the #1 hatch, but plenty of small caddis, midges, some BWO’s, rusty spinners at dusk and terrestrials.
We are having very good success on small nymphs. Perdigons, Euro Jigs, Micro Mayfly’s, Zebra Midges, Frenchies and somedays an Egg is pretty dynamite.

Fall River fishing report 6/29/18

Good fishing on the Fall River now, with PMD’s, Yellow Sally’s, Olive Stones, Caddis, Ants and a few midges on the surface. We’ve definitely had our best luck fishing dries with 7x. It makes a difference.
For nymphing, it has been super good on Perdigons, Euro Jigs, Frenchies, Micro Mayflies and Rainbow Warriors.

Fall River fishing report 6/20/18

The Fall has been fishing really well. ODFW and Mother Nature have both helped this, with plenty of stocked Rainbows and a good mix of Browns and Brookies.

We’ve been doing well Euro Nymphing with Perdigons and Euro Jigs, Frenchies and Rainbow Warriors.
On top there have been good PMD hatches, Yellow Sally’s, a few Drakes and some Caddis. Ants and Beetles have been good along the grassy banks too.

Fall River fishing report 4/26/18

With the warmth the last few days things are picking up with new hatches and more terrestrials. PMD’s have started to pop, some flying ants are showing (but I believe it will be the NEXT warm spell they really fly), ant’s, beetles, caddis and still some March Browns and BWO’s and Midges.
All that said, they don’t rise all day and there won’t be rising fish all day either. Look for risers mid day and again in the evening.
The rest of the time hit ’em on the head with small, heavy weight nymphs.

Fall River fishing report 4/20/18

There are a lot of fish in the system, mostly thanks to ODFW keeping up with the stocking over the winter.

There have been really good BWO hatches, some March Brown’s, Midges and a few Caddis mixed in. It won’t be long and we will be full on into the PMD season for summer so be ready for that.
Ant patterns are also beginning to get attention along the grassy banks.

Nymphing has been strong with 2 Bit Hookers, Micro Mayflies, Zebra Midges, Frenchies and Eggs.

I’d rate the Fall as a strong bet for now and throughout the season with ODFW managing it so well. Yep, lots of the fish are stockers (not all) but its better than no fish like it was a couple of years ago.