Fall River report 4/21/17

With opening day on most trout waters beginning Saturday 4/22 maybe a little pressure will come off the Fall River? Who knows for sure, as it is also Free Fishing Weekend in Oregon, so they might come out of the woodwork.

There have been good BWO hatches in the afternoon from about 11 to 2. You are likely to see some March Browns, Midges and Small Dark Caddis that could very well bring fish to the dry fly too.

Good nymphing throughout the day. Zebra Midges and Micro Mayflies off the back of an egg or rubber legs is a really good set up, and with ODFW on their 2nd stocking this week the hatchery fish are usually attracted to the Pink Rufus (ideally fished on a sink tip).


Fall River fishing report 4/13/17

Blue Winged Olive hatches are pretty strong, along with midges, dark caddis and a few march browns showing up too. Dry fly fishing is good.

Nymphing is good too, with eggs and rainbow warriors (in combo) or 2 Bit Hookers and Zebra Midges (in combo).

Access is good all over the river. ODFW stocking has begun and will continue every 2 or 3 weeks until September. Always good for the Fall River.

Fall River fishing report 4/3/17

It is a perfect day in Central Oregon and the week ahead looks pretty nice. Today is a crisp spring day with frost on the windshield this morning.
The forecast for the week is good, with some warm 60’s coming mid-week.

BWO, Caddis and Midges are on the menu, both on the surface and under. Zebra Midges and Micro Mayflies trailed off an Egg have been really good when the fish are not rising.

Snow is largely gone, you can get all over the river now.

Fall River report 3/25/17

It is the best game in town and it is crowded. With the Spring Creek, and no outside influences of tributary creeks the river is the only one in Central Oregon not plagued by very high water. On top of that, ODFW stocked it for the 1st time in 2017 this week and the fishing is good. BWO, Midges and some Caddis on top, and small Eggs and Micro Mayfly or Zebra Midge Patterns down under.
Still some snow on the banks but it is mostly gone now and access is much easier.

Fall River Fishing Report 3/13/17

Fall River has been the best in terms of stability here in Central Oregon. With no outside influences like tributary creeks or other rivers flowing in to it, just the spring and a little extra snow melt is keeping Fall River in prime shape.

BWO’s, Midges and a few caddis. In the morning fish are eating the little black stones too. I would guess we should see some March Browns pretty soon so be ready for that.

Access is getting better and better as the snow recedes. Still quite a bit of snow out there at this time, but it’s warmer and we’ve had rain and it is going away finally.

Fall River fishing report 2/15/17

Mixed reviews: we had 3 employees fishing out here in the last 5 days and fishing was slow 2 of the days and fair one day. When the BWO’s are hatching you may find fish rising. One thing we are noticing is a lower population of fish again (like in winters past) although not like it was 3 or 4 years ago.

Access is still tough with the snow on the banks, it is hard getting in and out of the river in many places.
You can drive to the Tubes/Falls but in a high clearance vehicle with 4×4.

Midge and BWO patterns are best on top and as nymphs.

Fall River fishing report 2/1/17

More snow on the horizon for the next few days, and that doesn’t help access to our favorite Southern (County) Spring Creek. Next week looks warmer and it appears the snow will change to rain. I like those days for BWO hatches.

Access is pretty limited at the moment to the Fish Hatchery although I’ve heard a few brave souls 4×4’ing down the the Tubes.

Fish populations appear good. Afternoon BWO and Midge hatches have been bringing fish to the surface. You want 7x fluorocarbon for tippet! We have 8x too when they get extra picky on small midges. I use it. It’s fun and it helps.

Nymphing with Eggs, Micro May’s, 2 Bit Hookers and small Silver Lightning Bugs have been best.

Streamer fishing is fairly good in some places, with Rufus patterns on a Sink Tip catching some fish here and there. I also like a Black Lead Eye Wooly Bugger this time of year.

Go Falcon’s.

Fall River fishing report 1/17/17

I had a customer in yesterday who made it to the tubes. He didn’t make it out. Truck got stuck in the second parking area. He said fishing was good on PT Nymphs and Eggs.

With the big thaw overnight and the rain, it made the roads soft and slushy. I would not go to the Tubes for a bit if it was me. I’d go to the hatchery and access the river through there. Roads are plowed into the hatchery.

There have been some good afternoon BWO hatches about 1 or so. Fish are loving the KD Dun on 7x.

Fall River fishing report 12/13/16

One of our guides was there today on his day off and had a good day fishing eggs, zebra midges and blue wing olives. Snow levels today allowed access to the falls/tubes, but there is a big snow storm coming tonight that predicts about 20 inches for the Sunriver area, so the road to the tubes may not be good for a while.

The access to the hatchery is always a good bet.

Great to see the fish are sticking around this winter! Good job ODFW on figuring out that puzzle. Let’s hope it keeps up because the angling community loves Fall River in the Winter.