Our Waters

We are lucky to live in an area with a variety of fisheries.  From the pristine high lakes that reflect the Three Sisters volcanoes to the wild and scenic river canyons of the Deschutes and Crooked rivers, there is definitely a lifetime of fishing to be had around Sisters.

Some of our favorite spots are highlighted below, and our guide service offers over 40 unique trips to help you explore these destinations.

Metolius River

The Metolius River is truly one of the prettiest rivers in the nation. With crystal clear, and always cold water (42 to 45 degrees is average) originating from a large spring at the base of Black Butte, the Metolius is Heaven on Earth for both fishermen and fish. The Fly Fishing only section from the … Continue reading Metolius River

Cascade Lakes

The Cascade Mountain range is really the spine of Oregon, supporting the state in so many ways, not the least of which is abundant water from winter snow pack. The mountains run north to south, and a quick look on a map of the Pacific Northwest will show you the Cascades actually begin in southern … Continue reading Cascade Lakes

Crooked River Fly Fishing

Crooked River

FLY FISHING ON THE CROOKED RIVER The Crooked River is one of the state’s most popular spots. This small stream is known as a year round fishery and most of the time it lives up to that designation. It has the most prolific trout population of any stream in Central Oregon and lives up to it’s … Continue reading Crooked River

Deschutes River

DESCHUTES RIVER FLY FISHING The Deschutes River is one of the premier fly fishing rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Where else is a blue ribbon, native-fish-only trout stream and a strong summer steelhead run found in the same place? The Deschutes River can be broken in to three sections: The Upper, Middle and Lower Deschutes, each with … Continue reading Deschutes River

Fall River

Fall River

FALL RIVER FLY FISHING GUIDED TRIPS AND CONDITIONS The Fall River is one of my favorite places to fish! Maybe it’s because I am a Spring Creek Fanatic or because this is  where I learned how to fly fish. It’s a 10 mile long Spring Creek and is a tributary to the Deschutes. While there are a few  places that … Continue reading Fall River

Small Streams

Whychus Creek Whychus Creek is a tributary to the Deschutes, but it’s origins begin up in the Cascades south of town. The Creek tumbles from the 3 Sisters Wilderness area down to Sisters and often doesn’t fish well until mid summer when the snow melt run-off finally slows down. Around  Whychus Creek Falls there is plenty of  access … Continue reading Small Streams