Fall River

Fall River


The Fall River is one of my favorite places to fish! Maybe it’s because I am a Spring Creek Fanatic or because this is  where I learned how to fly fish. It’s a 10 mile long Spring Creek and is a tributary to the Deschutes. While there are a few  places that are private property the river is mostly open to the public. From the Headwaters, down through the campground, the horseshoe bend and the Fish Hatchery is all very accessible water with only one small piece of private property. From the Hatchery to the Bridge on road 4360 there is another section of private water with just a little public access above the bridge. From the Bridge down to the Falls is all good water. All of the river is open for year round fishing. Below the Falls is mostly public except the last little piece where it flows into the Deschutes.

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The Fall River has diverse and prolific hatches. These include BWO’s, PMD’s, Green Drakes, Mahogany Duns, Yellow Sally’s, Midges and Caddis. Terrestrials are very hot here and Attractor dries can work miracles. Because there are so many lava ledges for the fish to hide under, you’ll need a selection of small, tungsten  bead head nymphs. Streamer fishing on the Fall River can produce nice takes and truly exciting action.

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  1. caught my largest redside ever, 18+ inches on a dry fly right a dusk. This was 2000 before the fire retardant got dumped in the river. Hopefully now just as good as it was then.

  2. Absolutely beautiful river. Guided by Steve & Troy my good friends and I enjoyed a tremendous day on the Fall River in early October. There were hatches off and on for most of the day. For a couple of hours I watched as countless trout ignored every fly I presented. In the afternoon, it changed. Being able to sight cast to a rising trout, seeing the refusal of the dry, and then watching a take on the dropper was amazing.

  3. Thanks for continuing to publish fishing reports in your area! I read and print them before each trip to central Oregon. I also stop by and purchase supplies as I can. Anyway it’s a lot of work on your part and I just wanted you to know that it’s appreciated! Tom

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