Cascade Lakes report 10/6/16

Rough week of weather so far in the cascades, with snow at East Lake, and cold and wind at the lower lakes.
That said, don’t give up on the lakes. Fishing is good to great.

East Lake is seeing good activity on the last callibaetis of the year, and leeches! Black ones. There are a lot of browns on the south shore looking for a big meal.

Crane is very good, especially near the resort on small leeches and callibaetis type nymphs.

Hosmer is good, tons of picky fish in the channel. Leeches and tiny red ice cream cones have been good. I’d also recommend an ant or beetle along the reeds.

Davis is good by the O’dell Creek channel. Big fish. Leeches and callibaetis nymphs.

Lava has a bunch of fish in the little cove by the resort. I haven’t been there but a customer was and he said there were lot’s of fish hanging right there.

East Lake report 9/6/16

The best callibaetis dry fly action of the season so far on my last 3 days up there.

Good wind drifting with callibaetis nymphs on slow sink lines.

Still doing well with Ants and Beetles. I had a friend take some fish on HOPPERS. Wow. I need to try that.

As Fall weather is coming, the big browns are going to be more active on Streamers. This is more of an October thing but with this cold weather we are having now it may be early. I was there on Sunday and it was 49 when I arrived at noon and 49 when I left at 4. Brrr. That is 6400 feet above sea level for you…

East Lake report 8/26/16

Callibaetis and Chironomids are still good. Callibaetis hatches have been mostly early afternoon now, with spinner falls later in the morning.

I’m still catching fish on Chironomids in deep water, typically 15 to 18 feet. Black #14 ice cream cones are my best pattern this season by a long shot.

Leech patterns on type 3 lines are good in deeper water.

East Lake fishing report 8/15/16

I had some really good days up there in the last week. One day was great on Black Chironomids (#12-14) in about 18 feet of water, and the other day was more callibaetis (nymphs, emergers!!! and some dries)

The Harrop Captive Dun was getting confident takes when other flies were not even getting looks.

Very good wind drifting for Kokanee on the east side of the lake. They love callibaetis nymphs, and my favorite fly is the non beaded flashback PT.

Ive been trying leeches and getting a few trout on Black Wooly Buggers, but I find you need to fish deeper water and go with a Type 3 line.

Cascade Lakes fishing report 8/3/16

East- Callibaetis have been the best of the season for the last week or so. Seeing massive spinner falls in the morning about 8 to 10. Good fishing in the afternoon with occasional Callibaetis hatch but especially on ants and beetles. Chironomid bite is on and off. I’ve found #12-14 black pupa to be the most consistent. I’ve also had really good sessions of callibaetis nymph fishing on Hover lines in the shoals over the weed beds.

Hosmer- I’ve been just going up in the late afternoon and evening and getting good damsel, callibaetis and canes action on both dries and occasionally on nymphs.

Crane Prairie- Fish have moved to the channels after last weeks hot weather. Now the weather is cooler again but I think at this point the fish will stay in the channels until cool fall weather comes (in October). Black Leech, Chironomids and Damsels are all good with sporadic possibilities of Callibaetis.

East Lake report 6/26/16

I was on the water all day again yesterday and saw the best callibaetis spinner fall so far this season about 9 to 10 AM near the East Lake CG ramp. Fish were on them but it was hard to match…. Seemed like the really lite color Harrop Biot Spinner or the Upright Rusty Spinner were the best 2 flies to match it.

Decent action wind drifting with flashback PT’s on a sinking line. I recommend the intermediate line most days. When we were up friday though, a type 3 was better…

Still having our best luck on larger black chironomids in 16 to 20 feet of water under an indicator. Yesterday we got a really nice rainbow on an olive chironomid with a red butt so I plan on putting that back in action on thursday when I’m back on the lake. Stay tuned….

Steve, my guide had a nice day wind drifting black and red leeches a few days back.

East Lake update 7/21/16

Yesterday we saw virtually zero hatch but did have 3 hours or more of very productive chironomid action using #10-12 Black ice cream cones in set 16 to 17 feet under the slip bobber in 18 feet of water.

We also did some wind drifting on the east side of the lake and did well with a Hover line and a callibaetis nymph.


Crane Prairie report 7/19/16

reports are coming in with good to very good fishing at Crane. Mostly on olive leeches and some on Damsels, Chironomids and Buggers. Fish are in the channels and in the shallow flats and bank lines.

With the cooler summer and the bloom not as heavy the fishing has improved this week at Crane and is back on the radar.

East Lake fishing report 7/19/16

Fishing is good although not as good as the last few years in my opinion. On days the Callibaetis hatch it’s best. The problem lies with the weather I think. Its been windy and sometimes chilly and the hatch fragments and isn’t bringing up the fish like usual.
The other night when I was guiding I set my guys up with a HOVER line and a callibaetis nymph and had pretty good success. I plan to do more of that this week when I guide there tomorrow and when I go fish it myself Friday.

Chironomids are OK. If you hit it about 10 to 1 the fishing seems to be best under the bobber in about 16 to 19 feet of water. My best fly is a black ice cream cone but a summer duck on some days has been the top producer.
Tomorrow I am going to fish more red blood worms on the bottom. Stay tuned.

Damsels are in the game now. Carry and fish both the nymph and adult.

Ants are still good but not as good as they were a few weeks back. Not sure why, but I continue to fish them everyday with some success. Could be the same reason as the limited rise on the callibaetis?

Leeches are good too, especially for you float tube trollers. Run a black or olive leech with a callibaetis nymph trailed behind 20 inches on a hover or intermediate line.