Hosmer Lake

Hosmer is a small looking lake from the boat launch area but if you explore the channels and get to the upper lake you’ll be surprised at how much water there is here. Hosmer is another Fly Fishing Only lake and has for years supported a stocked population of Atlantic Salmon.

As of this writing in 2015 the ODFW has recently decided to no longer use Atlantic Salmon in Central Oregon lakes and wisely has chosen feisty and strong Crane Prairie stock rainbow trout and cutthroat trout starting in 2014 as the fish of choice here.

Hosmer also supports a strong population of Brookies, and there are some bruisers in the channel throughout the summer. Bring your “A game” to fish for these bad boys, they do not give themselves up easily! I usually fish Hosmer from my drift boat with an electric motor, but tubes, pontoons and canoes are perfect for the area.

Callibaetis and Damsels are hot for much of the season, and big Travelling sedge hatches are a blast in the summer right at dusk. A tiny mayfly from the family caenis will challenge every bit of your fly fishing skills just before dark most warm summer evenings.

Fall is a great time to fish Hosmer when the fish begin to stack up near the reed lines along the edges they can be caught on fast stripped white-wooly buggers or red chironomids. Hosmer Lake is off the Cascade Lakes highway and is about a 40 minute drive west of Bend, Oregon.