Fall River fishing report 7/10/18

Fall River continues to be a good spot for us. PMD hatches are the #1 hatch, but plenty of small caddis, midges, some BWO's, rusty spinners at dusk and terrestrials. We are having very good success on small nymphs. Perdigons, Euro Jigs, Micro Mayfly's, Zebra Midges, Frenchies and somedays an Egg is pretty dynamite.

Fall River fishing report 6/29/18

Good fishing on the Fall River now, with PMD's, Yellow Sally's, Olive Stones, Caddis, Ants and a few midges on the surface. We've definitely had our best luck fishing dries with 7x. It makes a difference. For nymphing, it has been super good on Perdigons, Euro Jigs, Frenchies, Micro Mayflies and Rainbow Warriors.