Cascade Lakes

Crane just turned and is clearing up fast. Good action in the Quinn area on blood rufus and chironomids. Of course a black or olive wooly bugger is always a solid bet too.

Hosmer continues to be good. Callibaetis hatches are increasing and reports of lot’s of flying ants a few days ago. Caddis will probably be crazy this coming weekend in the evening with the hot weather in the forecast.

Lava and Little Lave have both been good. Some callibaetis, good chironomid fishing and a few fish on damsel nymphs too. Black Wooly Buggers are always a strong option on a Clear Camo line.

East Lake has been good. Strong Chironomid emergences for several days in a row. Light callibaetis but that will improve quickly.

Davis is producing some very big trout. Leeches and Callibaetis nymphs are really good, but a damsel nymph is likely your best bet on most days.

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