Lower Deschutes River

The end of the Salmonfly hatch is near and Golden Stones maybe have another week left before being gone until next year. Seems like the fish are getting more selective. We are having better luck on Clark’s Stones and Sparse Norm Woods. Try clipping the bottom hackle flush to get a low riding silhouette.

PMD and Pale Evening Dun and Caddis hatches are increasing. Over the weekend we did really well fishing Caddis Pupa patterns deep under an indicator.

Lot’s of Aquatic Worms and midges in the river, likely due to the change in water coming from the top release at the reservoir. We have a ton of super cool Worm 2.0 patterns in stock and tons of Zebra Midges too.

Don’t forget about swinging Sculpins and Buggers. Get your sink tip and go crazy. Better yet, get a Trout Switch rod and bring your spey game to the Trout. It’s a blast.

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