East Lake 7/9/15

Just a heads up to check water temps. Yesterday morning, the entire lake was good at about 65 degree H2O temps, then in the afternoon all of the lake went to 68 except by the Cinder Hill area which was at 66.
68 is warm for catch and release! Be very gentle on fish you release and don’t add stress by taking them out of the water to remove hooks or take photos. Seriously, don’t pick them up and take a picture right now. When you revive a fish for release, hold them gently with your hand under the water and wait for them to show you a strong burst before you let them go. DON’T push and pull the fish back and forth to try to get water in the gills. Gills are not made to take water in backwards and that is harmful on any fish but extra so on a potentially stressed fish.
We want to release healthy trout!
So that rant is done(has to be done)… the fishing is very good. Callibaetis and Chironomids. I expect the water temps to drop a little in the next week with cooler days in the forecast and night time lows up there in the 40’s.

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