Lower Deschutes Fishing Report 10/13/15


It’s been really good. Awesome perhaps.
We are catching steelhead from Warm Springs. to Trout Creek, down to Maupin, the Mack’s Canyon drifts and all the way to the Mouth.
Nymphing with the Double Bead Peacock Speckled Stone, Girdle Bug, Prince, Copper John, Lightning Bug and October Caddis in some combo is going to get hit.
Swinging has been awesome. Lot’s of fish to traditional swung flies and as colder weather hits we will transition to bigger flies on tips.

Oh, by the way Trout fishing is good too. Amazing how many fish up to caddis dries and purple haze. Good nymphing with stonefly’s and Oct Caddis pupa with a small caddis pupa dropper or 3 Dollar Dip.

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