Metolius Report 1-11-16

Squeezing one more in before takeoff.

Fishing is good. Some days quite good. Mostly on Stone Nymphs and Copper Johns. Hares Ears and Tan Caddis Pupa are great too and in the morning I’d go with a BWO Nymph since the BWO hatch has really improved the last 10 days or so. I had a customer who did great on an Olive Zebra Midge about 2 or 3 days ago. Usually we use Red and Black ones out there so the Olive was a surprise, but it was good.

Afternoon hatch of BWO about 1 or 2. Pools and Eddies for sure. 7X recommended and a cripple is what they love. The Knock Down Dun or the KD Dun would be flies I’d pull  for you if I was in the shop. Ben might have his fav’s so ask him when you stop by.

Still hot on the Red Ice Cream Cone #10-12 for Bull Trout in the AM. Otherwise, Streamer action is pretty good. I like White in the Winter.

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