Lower Deschutes fishing report 2/2/16

The Warm Springs drift has been great most days. We are seeing good catches of both Trout and Steelhead.

Swing a JA Stinger Sculpin for either!

Stonefly Nymphs and #12 or 14 Flashback PT’s or #12/14 Hares Ear (looking forward to march browns!) and BWO nymphs are good. Never underestimate the power of a caddis pupa on the D! Sparkle Pupa or Delectable Caddis are great, and Green Rock Worms and Serendipties for the larva. San Juan Worms, especially Worm 2.0 is a hot fly for the Deschutes anytime.

I have fished very good BWO hatches on Super Bowl Sunday in the past. Looks good for the weather this weekend so go fish before the big game.

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