Metolius River Fishing Report 3/5/16

Fishing is good for sure! Hatches are decent to good everyday, with more and more mayfly hatches showing up. BWO’s and Cinygmula hatches in the mid afternoon between noon and 3. You may see a 2nd hatch in the late afternoon or early evening but I’d be more inclined to look for caddis then.

Speaking of caddis, there are a lot of them. Still a bunch of Silver Stripe Sedge, some October Caddis and quite a few grey/brown #16 (i’d say bracycentrus).

There are a few black stones left but they are petering out, but yesterday I saw quite a few small amber stones in the air.

Bull Trout fishing is good. Most are coming on nymphs but streamers are good too.

Nymphing for trout is very good. Please do not use lead weight to get your flies down. Please. Lets keep our river clean right!???
Golden Stone Nymphs and Caddis Pupa are rocking it, but as always the little mayfly nymphs to match naturals that will hatch today are useful.
Red Lightning Bug, Copper John, Frenchie, Hare Ear, Eggs, Zebra Midge and Mr Peacock are all sweet nymphs to fish now.

I approached a poacher at Canyon Creek yesterday using a spinning rod. He was so methed out he fell in the meat hole and had to swim back in when I approached and confronted him. Keep an eye peeled for an Orangish Ford Pickup (old and beat up) with a black hood. Call Sheriff Dave if you see him.

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