Metolius River fishing report 3/11/16

Amazing fishing right now and I expect it to be better as move in to March. Good afternoon hatches of BWO’s and some cinygmula’s. The cinygmula’s will get better and better in later March. Usually over spring break time is the best hatch of these #14-16 yellow mayflies.

Still a bunch of October Caddis and Silver Stripe Sedges hatching. The pupa’s are your best bet, but I’ll tell you a Orange Stimulator or Elk Hair Caddis in a #10-14 can do the trick as a searcher.

Nymphing is really were it’s at now. The typical Golden Stone Nymph and small dropper is great. If you haven’t tried using Tungsten Putty Soft Weight, you need to. With the new 2016 regulations allowing weight, this is a game changer. The Loon Product or the Hareline product are both excellent.
Lightning Bugs, Sparkle Pupa, 3 Dollar Dip, Pheasant Tail, Hares Ear, Jig style flies, Micro Mayflies, Eggs and Zebra Midges are smart choices that will match what is in the drift.

I had a decent evening pulling BIG streamers for Bull Trout earlier this week. I’d say right now streamers are accounting for 40% of the BT catch and nymphs 60%! The BT’s are eating PT’s quite well.

I’m off to Christmas Island tomorrow, so the updates here on the web might not happen again until I return on 3/24. Kyle, Mary Ann and Steve will be running the shop so feel free to call them or stop in with further questions or updates on the Met over the next 12 days. Overall, this report should stay really relevant until at least mid-April with no real changes to hatches or biological drifts on nymphs.

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