Crooked River Update 4/2/16

Water is perfect at 248 cfs.

Fish are eating small BWO and Midge nymphs.Scuds, Prince, Hares Ear, Caddis Larva are good bets too.

Set it up with the 10′ Rio Indicator Leader, cut off 18 inches of the tippet, add 18 to 20 inches of fluorocarbon 5x and leave a dropper tag hanging 5 inches.
Set up a Micro Mayfly or 2 Bit Hooker on the dropper tag, and run a Zebra Midge or Scud off the bottom.
You should add a split shot.
Put your strike indicator about 6 or 7 feet up from the tag fly.

Hoping to see fish up on dries soon. Haven’t seen or heard of any on top since the water came down….

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