Cascade Lakes update 4/26/16

You know I pride myself on giving good and accurate reports. It is important to me and I know it influences people to go fish and have a trust that their free time (which is precious) is spent with the best chances of having a productive day.

Well, I screwed up one report last week about the gate to Lava Lake being open, or going to open for the weekend. As of now, it is still locked. I had reports of zero snow at the gate and little to no snow at the lake so I took a guess it was going to be unlocked but it wasn’t.

I’m sorry. I am trying to find out when it will happen and will report it as soon as I know.

As for now, Davis, South Twin, Crane and Wickiup are all accessible and worth a go.

Have fun and go fish!

One thought on “Cascade Lakes update 4/26/16

  1. I spoke to a ranger last weekend at the locked gate 3 miles below Lava and he said it’ll most likely open at the end of May.

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