Metolius River fishing report 5/1/16

April was way better than average with lot’s of fish early in the month on nymphs and the last week we saw a much better hatch scenario and fish looking up. Some years April is dismal, especially for hatches and rising fish. I am excited about May fishing with the trend being so positive.

So, PMD’s have begun and BWO are pretty constant this time of year. Cinygmula’s are winding down, but one of the best Cinygmula hatches I’ve ever seen was about May 10th. SO many! That was a few years back. I also saw a cougar that day leaving the canyon.

With warm weather, the caddis hatches are increasing.
Look for increasing evening activity too, caddis and rusty spinners.

Nymphing is good. Golden Stones and Lightning Bugs, caddis pupa, 3 Dollar Dip, Mr Peacock (for upcoming Drakes) and small Hares Ears or Frenchie’s.

Bull Trout…. go early. Big White Streamers or Double Bead Peacock Stones are really good with a #10 Red Chironomid as a dropper.

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