Cascade Lakes update 6/1/16

East Lake– yesterday there was a good flying ant hatch and midge hatch and fish were rising. Best action will come on a hover or intermediate line with a Possie Bugger trailed by a Flashback PT (no bead). Chironomids under an indicator is always good at East, but right now the fish are shallow so keep it under 10 feet.

Crane Prairie– Damsel nymphs and leeches. Best fishing in the Deschutes Channel and Quinn River area. Some Chironomids and that should improve quickly with the hot weather coming.

Lava– good near the resort on leeches and buggers. Some callibaetis hatching and quite a few big ants on the water.

Hosmer– Callibaetis, Ants, Damsel nymphs and some Chironomids. Fishing is good.

South Twin– Really good action on Olive buggers trailed with a PT or Chironomid. Getting fish on Parachute Adams and Griffith Gnats up on top.


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