Metolius River fishing report 4/13/17

We had a couple of guys in yesterday that ran into what sounds like a super hatch of BWO’s and Cinygmula’s (mixed) and the fish went nuts at the surface!

Golden Stone Nymphs and Eggs, Zebra Midges, Soft Hackles, Oct Caddis Pupa, Caddis Pupa and 2 Bit Hookers have all been strong producers.

Bull Trout have been more scarce. There are always resident fish, but the Lake Fish have gone home and will back in the early Fall. I still recommend fishing for BT’s and using big white streamers.

2 thoughts on “Metolius River fishing report 4/13/17

  1. New fly fisher here. I’ve always wanted to target Bull’s on the Met but missed out last season.
    Is there a realistic chance to catch a bull this time of year?

    • There are always resident Bull Trout to target, but late August to February is the prime time to fish BT’s because of the lake run fish. You can find fish now for sure and they seem to be eating best in the mornings on white streamers.

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