Middle Deschutes report 4/13/17

The water is slowly dropping and is running in the 600 cfs range. Some areas make that level fine to fish, and other areas I believe it is still too high for good access.

March Browns are hatching and should just improve over the next 4 or 5 weeks. Add in a few BWO’s and some dark caddis. X Caddis, Float-N-Fool, Purple Haze and March Brown Parachutes have been good this week. Keep an eye out for midges and carry some Griffiths Gnats and Lady McConnell’s on the Middle anytime during the spring.

In some of the shallower, expansive riffles down near Steelhead Falls the fish are taking drifting Golden Stones quite well. I would also suggest Soft Hackle PT, and larger Hares Ear’s to imitate MB nymphs.

Sculpin’s and other streamer patterns on a sink tip are good now too. Good enough, that if you are not normally a streamer fisherman you ought to try it.

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