Float Tubes are your Friend

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Need a float tube?  How about the Fish Cat 4-LCS.  The number one selling float tube in the United States, the Fish Cat 4 is ideal for anglers who spend 25 days or less on the water per year.  It features a load capacity of 250 lbs., can be outfitted with an optional anchor system, and weighs in at only 15 lbs. 

If you’ve been looking for a great float tube, this may be exactly what you are looking for.  Call the shop, and our friendly professionals will be happy to talk you through whatever made-up anxiety is holding you back.  Not only do you want this, you actually need it.


Fish Cat 4-LCS

The Fish Cat 4-LCS, is the number one selling float tube in America, and perfect for most anglers.


But….and there is always a but…our bigger and taller anglers have often bemoaned the trouble they have with typical float tubes.  They can be difficult for big people to maneuver, uncomfortable, and more of a foe than a friend on the water. 

If that sounds familiar, we might have the answer for you:  the Fish Cat 5 MAX. 


Fish Cat 5 MAX

Designed for our bigger and taller clients, the 5 MAX is 20% larger than the Fish Cat 4, with 2” more interior seat space.  Overall, the 5 MAX is 3” wider, 10” longer, and comes with a foam seat and backrest.  With an overall load capacity of 300 lbs., we feel confident that if your current tube isn’t working out very well, or you just know you need a bigger tube, the Fish Cat 5 MAX is probably the upgrade you are looking for. 

Call us, or come into the shop, and let us help you get into a new 5 MAX, so that you can spend more time fishing, and less time fighting your float. 

You’re gonna need a bigger float….

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  1. Interesting stuff. I have never heard about float tubes before. What is the target market? They are also quite expensive, it seems like most cost around $200.

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