Crooked River FISHABLE! 5/17/17

For the first time in nearly 2 months, it appears the run off is over and the Crooked has dropped to fishable levels.

It is 268 cfs today. That is 12 cfs than it flowed for most of the Summer in 2016.

We do not have a fishing report. No one from here has been there yet.

I will guess we will immediately have success on Frenchie’s, Zebra Midges, Mother’s Day Caddis (Pupa and Adult), Micro Mayfly Nymphs, Lightning Bugs and Rainbow Warriors. Keep an eye out for BWO’s.

Anyway, it is nice to add this report to our list. It has been a long winter and spring without having our beloved Crooked as one of the options.

One thought on “Crooked River FISHABLE! 5/17/17

  1. Was out there today, caught a 1/2 dozen or so on Caddis drys. One nice one. Bugs were everywhere.

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