Lower Deschutes Fishing Report 5/25/17

There are PLENTY of Salmonflies and Goldenstones out but fishing on the big bugs is not what is usually is, or can be. Yet. Remember, this hatch on the Lower Deschutes from beginning to end is 3 weeks or more. Out of 3 weeks, usually 3 or 4 days are intense feeding activity by the fish. It still should happen.
We are catching fish on stonefly adult patterns. Chubby’s, Supafly’s, Norm’s, Clark’s have all picked up fish for us down there.
Seems like the fish are eating caddis pupa and worms better than anything.

Don’t give up on the stonefly hatch. Hot weather is coming back, water conditions look good (4700 today, up from 4300 earlier this week) and perhaps after the holiday weekend crowds will thin out a bit. Go fish.

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