Fall River report 6/14/17

I was out on the Fall monday and fishing was decent. We did best on nymphs even though for most of the day the PMD hatch was fairly consistent, the fish just weren’t interested in them much. But they did like a Frenchie and a PMD Micro Mayfly.

About 3 there were a fair number of Drakes hatching and the fish looked up for them.

Still seems to be a low population of trout in the Fall River. I think ODFW needs to pay more attention to this issue and if you do as well please write the Bend ODFW Office.
I’ve been fishing the Fall River for nearly 40 years and I’ve not ever seen such low trout numbers, not to mention zero whitefish. We used to target whitefish below the falls. I see none these days. That seems strange. I encourage ODFW to figure out what the hell is going on.
I have suggested going to ODFW they go to a Catch & Release regulation there. It goes on deaf ears. They don’t think the public will accept the change. I say if fish populations are low, then let’s protect every single fish we can. No sense in someone putting a fish in the frying pan (or worse, the freezer) when more than one angler can enjoy the opportunity in trying to catch him too.

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