Cascade Lakes report 6/22/17

East lake has been good for me this week. Beetles were my hot fly a couple days ago, but we caught fish on Callibaetis nymphs and dries and on Black Chironomids under an indicator in about 6 to 8 feet of water.

Hosmer has been really good. Today there were a number of Alder Flies hatching and we got ’em up on top on a Black Elk Hair Caddis. We also got fish on my Jeff’s Black Butte Callibaetis parachute and Red Chironomids under an indicator today. We’ve had guides out all week and this has been consistent. Today I saw a ton of Damsel Adults. Last week we had some great fish on Damsel Nymphs but not today…go figure. I won’t give up on that of course because those are hot until fall.

Crane is warming up and the fish are headed to the channels. Look for good callibaetis hatches  mid morning and damsels following them. Chironomids and Leeches are CP staples.

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