Fun Summer fishing on the Met!

Plenty of hatches and lot’s of good nymphing now, and of course the freezing cold spring water is a welcome relief on hot summer days…for us and the trout! There is nothing better than the Metolius in the Summer.
Here’s a rundown of the hatches:
PMD #16 Keep an eye out from 11 AM to as late as 8 PM but expect the peak about noon to 3.
Rusty Spinners #16 could be out in the eddies and slow runs very early in the morning but your peak will be the last 20 to 30 minutes before dark.
Blue Wing Olives #18 are out again and we see them in the early evening as soon as the shadows hit the water and the humidity comes up.
Caddis. There are a bunch of caddis hatching but seems like Olive #16, Tan #16, Yellow #18 and Black #20. Caddis are going to be mostly evening but I wouldn’t hesitate to use a Siddac or Parachute caddis mid day.
Yellow Sally #16-18 are gorgeous little yellow stones that love the mid day heat. Fish them close to the banks anywhere on the river but especially in the upper river.
Golden Stones #8-12 are coming off so so in the upper river but the fish want to eat them and we continue to fish a Clarks Stone with good success. The stones are also coming off below Bridge 99 and we’ve had some reports of good fishing on the big bugs down there.

Nymph fishing is good with McGee’s Girdles as the point, and PMD nymphs, Micro May’s, Frenchies, Sparkle Pupa’s, Zebra’s and Lightning Bugs.
It’s been the most consistent fishing and is working on all stretches of the river.

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