Cascade Lakes fishing report 7/19/17

FFP owner Jeff Perin with a big bow on a East lake

East lake — I’ve been practically living on East Lake, 3 to 6 days a week for the last month or more and have seen a lot of different stuff going on, but I’ll say the last 7 to 10 days since I updated the report last it has gotten better for a number of reasons.

First is the turnover and pollen scum has cleared and the water is clean with good visibility.

Water Temperatures

One thing to watch is afternoon water temps. Highest I am seeing late afternoon is 68. Remember to shut off fishing if it hits 70. Morning temps are 65. It is good the nights have been cooler and we’ve had more days up there in the 70’s lately than nearing 90 like we had 10 to 14 days back.


Getting a lot of fish on dries. Especially Beetles and Ants and most days on Callibaetis Parachutes and Emergers.

I’ve had really good luck wind Drifting with type 3 sinking lines. Flashback PT’s and Red Ice Cream Cones have been awesome as a trailer behind a Possie Bugger or Black Bugger. Seems to me way more fish going with the Type 3 than the typical Clear Camo Type 1.

Hosmer Lake

Really good afternoon Damsel action, plus beetles and ant’s and in the evening you’ll see more callibaetis, BIG traveling sedges and right before dark tiny Caenis spinners. Love the Cranebows ODFW stock now. Hosmer is a great spot.

Lava Lake

Temps are above 70. Give it a wait until it cools a bit or fish really deep early in the AM with Chironomids.

Crane Prairie

Warm Water in the lake has fish in the Channels. Fish close to the Source of the Deschutes Channel or in the Quinn Channel with Chironomids. Damsels and a little opportunity for Leech fishing in the morning too.

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