Lower Deschutes report 7/19/17

We’ve had a lot of great days on the Lower D from Warm Springs to Trout Creek including some surprisingly great afternoon dry fly action.
Usually that dry fly fishing is holding off until dark, but my guides have discovered some pretty cool new stuff that is working well.
It’s mostly a caddis show, and you’ll need Pupa fished deep, Pupa emerging in the film, Adults and Spent Caddis to match all the stages you’ll encounter throughout the day.
PMD and Pale Evening Duns are important too, especially in the evening, with probable Rusty Spinners at dusk.

Nymph fishing is of course productive. The Girdle Bug with a Red Copper John dropper is always a favorite, but Yellow Soft hackles and our new CDC 2 tungsten bead flashback PT is awesome too.

Definitely fun swinging sink tips and sculpins. A few early run wild steelhead have passed through at the mouth. Swinging a sculpin may find one of the early boys and wouldn’t that be a hoot?

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