East Lake fishing report 9/4/17

Fishing continues to be quite good with the fish rising to callibaetis in the morning and also on wind free afternoons.
Beetle’s and Ant’s are still good, but not as intense along the shoreline as it was.
What has been better is chironomid doubles under an indicator. I’ve been using an all red larvae pattern on the bottom with an olive or black pupa 2 feet up in about 16 to 18 feet of water.
Wind Drifting is good most of the time. We were using type 3 sinking lines and fishing in deeper water starting but last week we found more fish in 12 to 15 feet and switched to an intermediate line. A small olive flashback PT #18 has been my hot nymph and I’ve been running it as a trailer behind a black leech which has produced some good fish too.

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