Metolius River fishing report 10/12/17

We sure have some good autumn weather in the Sisters area today and we love it. Afternoon mayfly hatches are rocking! As are October Caddis.

PMD’s are not done yet but they are mixing in with our other yellow fall mayfly, the cinygmula. No worries, as the same fly patterns are a good match for both if you can’t tell them apart. PMD’s have 3 tails, and Cinygmula’s have 2 tails so that is an easy way to tell at a glance.
Blue Wing Olives are really rolling in the afternoon.
I am surprised, but as of the last 2 days we are still seeing Green Drakes on the water about 2 PM. This can’t last too much longer but enjoy it while it does and be prepared for it with some Film Critics and Sparkle Duns.

October Caddis Pupa is a strong choice on nymphs to fish now. Also Frenchies, Black Zebra Midge, our 2 Tungsten Bead CDC Red Lightning Bug and CDC Hares Ears.
Plus (++++!!!!) Eggs. Lots and Lots of eggs.

Bull Trout Fishing is very strong with most fish coming to big white or big black streamers. Definitely worth the effort but seriously bring a 7 or 8 weight to do this. Also, a single hand rod (in my opinion) is a better Metolius tool than a switch or spey from the standpoint of wadeability and being able to stay out in the river far enough from the bank to form a D Loop. I prefer a good 9 1/2′ to 10′ 7 or 8 weight.


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