Cascade Lake ideas for 10/24/17

Not a lot of time left on some of the lakes. Many close on October 31st, so here is a rundown on how to hit the last of the lake opportunities and 2 lakes you can keep fishing until the weather really goes to crap.

East is always my favorite. Part of that comes from the fact I started fishing there when I was 3.
I had friends up there last week using streamers along the banks and catching a good number of nice trout.
Docks are out so launching a bigger boat is going to be hard. There was snow on the ground, but the storm over the weekend ended up warm so I would guess a lot of that melted away.
For the next week, the weather looks good and I’d put East high on the list.

Crane is good out in the Rock Creek flat over to Quinn and in the Deschutes Flat thru the Channel. It doesn’t sound like the fish are in the channels much from the reports I am getting. The fish seem to be mostly coming on Leeches.

I was at Hosmer last week and it was pretty good. We got most of out fish on a red chironomid, but also on black leeches and on little brown beetles during the afternoon hatch. It doesn’t close october 31, so if the weather stays warm and dry in November keep fishing Hosmer.

Wickiup I’ve heard is pretty slow. I did hear of some guys getting fish on leeches under an indicator, but I also know a guy who was blanked several trips in a row. I’d go somewhere else.

North Twin is a good late season lake and won’t close Oct 31 so keep fishing up there in November and later as long as it stays warm like it is. Leeches and Scuds are good bets, but I would also fish some blood worms in about 6 to 12′ under an indicator now.

Clear Lake is off the radar for a lot of Central Oregon anglers. It shouldn’t be. Just 40 minutes at the most from our fly shop it is a worthwhile year round fishery as long as the weather is holding and conducive to getting in there.
The fish can run deep so at least a type 3 sinking line, and if you have something heavier like a type 5 or 200 to 300 grain 24′ sink tip it can be useful to get to the fish.

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