Cascade Lakes fishing report 5/22/18

Crane Prairie has been good in the Deschutes Channel and at Rock Creek. It has been very good with Black Leeches and Callibaetis Nymphs, with game on Chironomids, Dragon Fly Nymphs, Damsel Nymphs and possible Flying Ants.

East Lake so far has been experiencing a turn over and the lake is cold at the surface. The fish that are hugging the banks are spawning so I’d recommend giving those fish a break for a couple of weeks and let them do their thing. The thing is, the spawn is likely 90% or more unsuccessful, but the fish are stressed, skinny and weak during this time, and by leaving them alone they will be healthier and better fish in a few weeks with a great survival record when not being fished over.
It’s not all bad, certainly (non spawner) fish are being caught near the Hot Springs Ramp on Leeches and Chironomids.

Wickiup has been productive in the Deschutes Channel from Gull Point up to Sheeps Bridge. There have been some really good days on terrestrials. Callibaetis are starting up pretty good too.
In some of the coves up there, a bobber with a chironomid and balance leech is really good, or stripping buggers and rufus patterns is another good bet. I’d go with the Intermediate line usually, but be ready with a type 3 if the fish are deeper in the channels or side coves.

Lava Lake has been fishing well, maybe the best of all the lakes the last week to 10 days. It’s been best with leeches and brown chironomids and callibaetis nymphs.

Hosmer started off strong right after the gate opened but it appears it had a turnover last week and is a little off now. I’d guess by the weekend it will be clear and good to go with the settling of turnover combined with this great warm weather we are seeing.

3 Creeks was still frozen as of last week.

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