Cascade Lakes fishing report 6/29/18

East Lake was a touch slower for me last week. Not bad, just not on fire like it was a couple of weeks ago. Still a lot of Callibaetis and all stages from nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners have been productive.
Chironomid action has been ok. Some days good for an hour or so in the afternoon and other days barely any action with my best flies. Maybe its the moon cycle as we close in on Full?
One thing that has been consistent is the wind drift on a type 3 full sink with a Flashback PT. Lot’s of Kokanee on this rig.
Water temp hit 60 this week. That’s good.
Algae bloom last Friday & Saturday but much clearer on Monday.

Crane is having a significant Algae Bloom. Best fishing is in the Deschutes Channel with Chironomids and Balanced Leeches. Damsels are good too.

Hosmer is good. To avoid the kayak crowd, go early at 5 AM and stay to 10 or 11 and head back on the water at 3-7 PM and stay until dark. Callibaetis both times, but expect good damsel fishing in the late afternoon.
We’ve been getting fish on beetles and ants, balanced leeches and balanced & regular (shank) damsel nymphs and red chironomids.

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