Metolius River fishing report 7/10/18

Golden Stone hatches are increasing with the hotter weather and the time of year, so from Gorge up to Riverside CG expect better and better days with the adults and the nymphs.
PMD hatches are all over the river and can happen from 11 am to 7 or 8 PM on any given day. This is followed up by Rusty Spinners at Dusk, although we’ve also found in the hot weather Rusty Spinners can be back in the early morning too.
Speaking of early morning, it is your best bet to catch a Bull Trout on a Streamer. Fish Big flies.
Caddis Hatches have been light. Kind of surprisingly poor really. We see this from time to time in July. They will hit with a vengeance soon enough.
We are getting some BWO’s around 6 or 7 PM when it begins to cool for the evening. Trout are sipping emergers, cripples and duns. I love a small Purple Comparadun or Film Critic with these are on.

Nymphing is great. The better your drift the more you’ll catch. We are pumped on euro nymphing and having very good success doing it everywhere, including the Metolius. Of course drifting a Golden Stone nymph under an indicator with a small dropper is a good method too.

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