Cascade Lakes report 7/27/18

East Lake was pretty good this week. It is important to get off the shoreline and out in the deeper water in the afternoons because the water temps near shore are going to 69 and in places 70. But once you are out in 15 feet of depth the surface temps are 67’ish and I measured water temps today down to 25 feet and each additional 5 feet you lose at least 1 to 2 degrees and once you’re down at 25 feet its 56 degrees.
This week we’ve had good success wind drifting Callibaetis nymphs starting in about 35 feet and drifting in to 15 feet. Also, fishing chironomids deep in about 18′ is quite good at times.
No dry fly fishing to speak of at all for me this week.

Hosmer I’d only recommend early in the morning or late afternoon to evening. It’s warm and we need a cool down on the lake. Damsels, Callibaetis and Caenis mayflies and some small Black Caddis are good, but pay attention to water temps, if it hits over 68 leave the fish alone and don’t handle the fish out of the water at all.

Crane and Lava are sucky. Wait.

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