Lower Deschutes report 7/27/18

Our guides are having awesome days on the Warm Springs to Trout Creek section on Caddis and PMD’s.
Also great nymphing action using both traditional indicator techniques and Euro techniques.
Caddis Pupa, PT’s, Copper Johns, Micro Mayflies, Perdigons, Jigs, Zebra Midges and Psycho Princes are great.

Water temps are 58 coming out of Pelton. Thats so good for the fish. We are lucky up here. Should drop a bit more in August too as bottom release time is coming up.

Now is a great time to book an August trip with Steve, Troy, Ben, Mary Ann and Adam. They will get you dialed.
BTW, someone caught a steelhead (27″ wild hen) at Grassy Camp this week. Hopefully more to come on the summer run. It’s looking good for this season.

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