Lakes report 8/10/18

This is a tough one.

With the heat some of the lakes should not be fished at the moment in my opinion. I’d stay off Hosmer, Wickiup and Lava for sure until we get a cool down.
Crane Prairie is iffy, go in the morning or at least know where the cold water channels are and fish deep. Chironomids and Balanced Leeches and some Damsel Nymphs will be your best bet. Watch water temps. 69 or over stop and wait until the next morning. Start early and keep taking the temperature.

I’m seeing some good Bass fishing reports on Davis. Big Largemouth. Probably worth the effort. Not my area of expertise, but Travis here at the shop knows a lot about it and can help you if you need more info.
I’ve heard of some big rainbows in the Odell Channel but hard to catch. Watch water temps. Should be fine all day if you find the channel, but when it goes 69 or over I’d give the trout a break for sure.


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